Schofe fumes he just wants to say ‘shut up with your bad news’ to government

This Morning presenter Phillip Schofield has lashed out at government advisors for "piling bad news" following reports that tougher lockdown restrictions are set to be put in place across the UK.

It has been suggested that tougher coronavirus rules could be put in place in the near future.

Phillip and co-host Holly Willoughby chatted to Matthew Wright and Julia Hartley-Brewer about the latest news of the day.

However, Phillip couldn't help but air his passionate views, as he revealed that he couldn't take any more "bad news" from government advisors and health specialists.

He said: "We can only take so much bad news. We are all mostly complying. We are all hoping we are protecting the ones we love.

"I have the people at the top like health specialists saying we may have this next Winter as well.

"I just want to say shut up with your bad news. We are all dealing with this now as it stands.

"You can't keep piling bad news on top of us. Lets get through this before telling us hope potentially rubbish life will be in 12 months time.

Viewers rushed to their keyboards to agree with presenter's point of view.

Taking to Twitter, one fan penned: "Well said Phil to much bad news give us some positive stuff as well and let us know the good news as well as the important stuff."

Another added: "@Schofe I agree with everything you said today. Hit the nail on the head, stop with the bad news. People can only take so much bad news and not having any hope or any positivity will drive people to the lowest of the low."

A third person posted: "Totally agree @Schofe about the bad news point."

While a fourth added: "Well said Phil sick of hearing about it everyday it’s depressing."

The ITV star ranted: "One of the things that makes me really angry is that we are all as a nation, as a world, all suffering.

It was announced on Monday that coronavirus restrictions could soon become tighter.

Ministers are thought to be considering toughening the rules amid concern the latest lockdown is not being followed strictly enough.

Rules banning people from different households, who are not in a support bubble, from exercising together are under discussion.

A further 563 deaths and 54,940 new cases were recorded on Sunday.

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