Second Hand for 50 Grand guest thrilled with value of vintage Chanel bag ‘This is crazy!’

Second Hand for 50 Grand: Reece sells Chanel bag for £3,499

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Second Hand for 50 Grand, is the Channel 4 show which follows firm Xupes as they track high-end second-hand goods. In a recent episode, Head of Handbags Reece worked hard to track down a vintage Chanel bag for a guest with an addiction to handbags.

Head of Handbags at Xupes, Reece, made one guests “dream come true” in a recent episode of Second Hand for 50 Grand.

Kristen, a 33-year-old nail stylist, had told Reece she was looking to purchase a vintage Chanel handbag with the “wow factor” for her birthday.

The first bag Reece picked out for Kristen wasn’t quite what she wanted, but later on in the episode, he tracked down her dream handbag.

When Kristen finally saw it in person she was overcome with emotions.

Reece revealed the price of the vintage bag was £3,499.

Kristen responded: “So Chanel. So nasty. So rude. You know what, I have to have it! Can I try it on?”

“Yes of course feel free,” Reece said as he ushered Kristen over to the mirror.

“Oh my god no. Oh my god,” Kristen exclaimed, showing her excitement with the bag.

She explained how much the purchase meant to her: “It is a dream come true. A hundred thousand percent a dream come true.

“I am addicted to handbags bad. It’s like my drug. You feel unstoppable,” Kristen admitted.

Clearly thrilled with her birthday purchase, those watching at home saw her exclaim: “Oh my god this is crazy. This is right up my alley.

“I love it. Love it, love it, love it!” Kristen excitedly added.

Reece explained pricey purchases like these can give his clients a lot of joy.

“People might laugh that it’s a dream to own a handbag or a watch, but it shows people it’s quite serious and the level of happiness they get from purchasing that item is priceless,” he revealed.

Describing how buying the handbag made her feel, Kristen said: “It gets me every time. Every time.

“It’s like the best climax you’ve ever had in your life. Think of that climax – that’s what it feels for me getting a bag every time,” she joked.

Earlier on in the episode, Kristen explained handbags meant a lot to her as a transgender woman.

She said: “I feel a woman should always have a bag. It’s rule 101. It completes my look. It completes me as a person.

“I can’t picture myself without a handbag. It doesn’t work for me.”

Second Hand for 50 Grand is available to watch on All 4.

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