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DESPITE having turned a leaf, Fiz Stape is getting bitter reminders of her past with serial killer John Stape.

Soon enough, this leads to increasing tensions with fellow residents in Coronation Street – and she could burn many bridges.

1. Tyrone attacks Nick

All hell breaks loose this week when Fiz (portrayed by soap legend Jennie McAlpine) realises her private life with John Stape will be unravelled for everyone to see.

An excerpt of a book about her marriage with the serial killer makes it way to the Gazette headlines – much to her horror.

Fiz enlists the help of local solicitor Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) but is mortified when she finds out her daughter Hope has gone missing from school.

The youngster is eventually found with Sam Blakeman (Jude Riordan) in Victoria Garden.

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When Bistro owner Nick Tilsley, known as Ben Price off-screen, reveals he'd appreciate it if Hope stayed away from his son Sam, Fizis devastated.

Tyrone returns home to find her in tears and she tells him that Nick has banned Sam from seeing Hope.

An infuriated Tyrone sees red and calls at Nick and Leanne's flat.

When the restaurateur opens the door, he gets introduced to Tyrone's fist as the mechanic punches him hard.

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This results in Nick taking extreme measures to prevent Sam from being in contact with the Stape family.

He orders his son to hand over his walkie talkie, which he regularly used to communicate with Hope from the comfort of his home.

Sam is to have no further contact with Hope.

2. Fiz turns on Tyrone

But much like Tyrone, Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson) is set to protect her other half and decides to take a stand after Nick is assaulted.

She calls at No.9 and tears a strip off Tyrone for punching her partner.

When she finds out what Tyrone has done, Fiz turns on him and points out that his irrational behaviour has cost Hope her friendship with Sam.

3. Hope's groomer is revealed

There's a huge secret to be unveiled this week in the Manchester-based drama.

Since July, 2022, Hope (Isabella Flanagan) has been chatting to an unknown friend online and fans were convinced she may have been groomed.

To make matters worse, she has to face nasty comments from her classmates in upcoming scenes.

Amid all the conflict, it becomes clear that Hope was groomed online into giving out information about her family by the journalist behind the John Stape book.

Adam tells Fiz and Tyrone there's a chance they could take out a privacy injunction against the journalist.

Will they go through with it?

4. Sam's secret is exposed

In other scenes, Sam bumps into Hope in the school corridor and tells her how Tyrone punched his father.

But a volatile Hope uses this and makes the conflict worse by revealing Sam isn't the golden boy he makes himself out to be.

Fiz drops a bombshell on Nick – according to her daughter, Sam is still writing letters to Harvey Gaskell, despite assuring he would stop.

Nick is fuming and confronts Sam for lying to him.

5. Sean betrays Laurence

Meanwhile, Sean Tully (Antony Cotton) could be ruining his own relationship this week.

The Underworld machinist prepares himself for an evening out with his son Dylan and new partner Laurence, he asks Todd Grimshaw to take a photo.

The undertaker portrayed by Gareth Pierce is given Laurence's phone but is immediately shocked by a photo popping up on the device.

In later scenes, after being undoubtedly told about the off-putting snap, Sean tries to crack the code on Laurence's phone, convinced he's hiding something.

Sadly, he's caught in the midst of his attempts and, snatching his phone back, Laurence storms out of the pub, leaving Sean red-faced.

Sean is devastated and Glenda Shuttleworth (Jodie Prenger) tries to help with some words of advice.

She tells him that if he wants to win Laurence back, he'll need to make a grand gesture, suggesting turning up at his surgery with flowers.

The Underworld machinist follows through – but his trip to the surgery doesn't go as planned.

Is this the end of the road for Sean and Laurence?


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6. Amy and Jacob become homeless

Despite disapproval from Amy's family, Amy (played by Elle Mulvaney) and Jacob (Jack James Ryan) have defied the odds in forming a couple in the cobbles.

The unlikely pair have made desperate attempts to find their own place together but still remain at No.1 with the rest of Amy's loved ones.

Coming up, Amy and Jacob make the decision to move into the builder's yard flat alongside potential housemates Summer Spellman and Aaron Sandford.

However, they are later seen in No.1 and Amy's put out to find that Daniel Osbourne and Daisy Midgeley have taken over her old room after ending up homeless.

This leaves her and her boyfriend on a blow-up bed, much to their dismay.

Later on, Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford) orders Daniel to get the loo fixed and the portaloo taken away before her daughter Amy decides to move out again.

The florist is relieved to see those changes being applied but Arnie refuses to fix the toilet unless he gets the cash up front.

This prompts Daniel to reason with Arnie in the Rovers, knowing he needs to be on Tracy's good side after Amy's spiking incident.

Daniel fails to convince Arnie to get to work and Adam Barlow decides to take matters into his own hands.

The solicitor uses Tracy's past as a weapon against Arnie and warns him that she isn't to be messed with as she was once convicted of murder.

But Amy and Jacob make a huge move in later scenes as they tell Tracy there's something she needs to know.

7. Summer sells her baby

Elsewhere in Weatherfield, Summer Spellman makes a shocking decision about her unborn baby this week.

The teen played by Harriet Bibby first seemed uncomfortable with the idea of selling her baby away to newcomers Esther and Mike.

However, when her boyfriend Aaron Sandford (portrayed by James Craven) asserts that his father Eric needs to go into rehab for his alcohol addiction, Summer begins to consider it.

This is because Eric's therapy would cost jaw-dropping sum – £10k, to be exact.

Knowing how difficult it will be for Aaron to get the money alone, Summer meets up with Mike and Esther at a private hospital and agrees to become their surrogate for cash.

The pair attend Summer's scan and promise they will provide her with all the emotional and financial support she needs.

Summer, on the other hand, only has Aaron and his father in mind and demands the £10k up front.

In later scenes, she meets up with Aaron and breaks the news that she's still pregnant.

Summer then drops the biggest bombshell she has – she will be giving up the baby to Mike and Esther in order to have the £10k he needs for his father to go into rehab.

This leaves the youngster facing the difficult parts of pregnancy and she soon sees Dr Gaddas' advice over her morning sickness.

When she returns home, she's overcome by a wave of nausea, throwing up in the sink – convincing her guardian Billy Mayhew (Daniel Brocklebank) that her eating disorder has been triggered again.

Summer soon finds Billy alongside Todd Grimshaw and Paul Foreman waiting for her for an intervention.

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