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DAVID Hide has no other choice but to come to terms with his son Ollie's actions and death.

This week, BBC One airs a double instalment of iconic medical drama Casualty. Here's what you can expect.

1. David is grief-stricken…

David Hide (portrayed by Jason Durr) is struggling to cope following the events of Saturday's instalment.

But in the aftermath of Ollie's passing, following a horrifying school shooting he instigated, David finds support in the form of Dylan Keogh (William Beck).

However, while Dylan may be trying his best, David's house gets vandalised in upcoming scenes of the soap.

This pushes Dylan to let out his frustrations to Faith Cadogan (Kirsty Mitchell) and Stevie Nash (Elinor Lawless), believing the treatment David is receiving is unfair.

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Much to his shock, Faith disagrees and urges him to consider the parents' point of view after Ollie arrived at his school fully ready to murder fellow students.

In Faith's opinion, the anger projected on to David can only be justified.

How will Dylan react?

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David puts himself in dangerCredit: BBC

2. … And is brutally attacked

But the hatred and anger reach troubling levels as David later watches old home videos of him and Ollie at the beach.

When a brick flies through his window, David hears an angry mob calling out to him outside and decides to join them.

Overwhelmed with grief, David confronts them and gives them his blessing to hurt him.

The mob is initially hesitant but eventually attacks him, leaving him seriously injured.

David is brought into the ED, where Dylan and Jacob try to treat him.

Dylan finds a bleed on the back of David's head, hinting that this is only the beginning.

What's next in store for David?

3. A new colleague wreaks havoc

There's a new anaesthetist in Holby City and Stevie Nash will be clashing with him.

Jonty Buchanan (Richard Harrington) joins her in resus much later than she would have liked and things go from bad to worse.

The new colleague punctures the patient's lung during treatment but Stevie manages to stabilise him.

She still scolds Jonty for his carelessness – but he retaliates by telling her off for dragging him away from a grieving mother.

Jonty eventually takes the scrap to another level by reporting back to Dylan and Stevie gets wind of the complaint.

With her being desperate to get the chance to be Clinical Lead, could Stevie's future be compromised?

Has she made a new enemy?

4. Stevie reconnects with someone

Stevie's day doesn't improve and there's more confusion ahead when her sister's fiancé Marcus shows up while she sits at Emma's memorial bench on her birthday.

Dylan distracts an emotional Stevie, asking her to take charge of the ED for the day and she's determined to show she has what it takes.

She bonds with a girl named Ivy who has no recollection of the fit that caused the car she was in to crash prior to her hospital admission.

But after a difficult day, Stevie goes to the pub to unwind and sees Marcus again.

She tries to keep him at bay but her emotions get the best of her and she ends up kissing him.

5. … And spirals out of control

Much like clinical nurse David, Stevie is unable to contain her emotions and takes everything out on Ivy's GP whom she accuses of negligence.

Senior charge nurse Charlie Fairhead (Derek Thompson) spots the commotion and steps in.

But Faith grows increasingly concerned and confronts her when Stevie brings Ivy to see Marie's body.

Stevie lashes out at Faith, admitting it's Emma's birthday before insisting she has to work as the male doctors have taken leave.

Stevie clashes with Jonty again when she tries to save a patient's leg but she's in for another nasty surprise.

Ethan Hardy (George Rainsford) turns up and Stevie is, firstly, dismissive of him.

But when he tells her there's been a complaint against her, she's shocked and assumed Ivy's GP must have filed it.

Is she wrong?

6. Sah gets a blast from the past

Elsewhere, Sah Brockner (played by Arin Smethurst) will be getting a shock of their own.

When they tend to a car crash with Iain, they're shocked to hear someone calling out their full deadname.

Despite this, they focus on their job but are soon met with the woman, named Jools, waiting for them.

Tensions are running high between Jools and Sah, as they walk away coldly from the former.

It's later revealed that Jools is Sah's mother who abandoned them years back.

Jools tries to lay the past to rest and apologises but an angry Sah doesn't want any of it.

While they push their mother away, they explain their father is doing well – prompting Iain to question why Jools if back in Holby.

His mind jumps to the possibility Jools could be back for Kevin, which could explain his recent happiness.

Sah is more sceptical but shows up at the restaurant their dad is at to enjoy a date with an unknown woman.

Much to their horror, Iain was right as Sah sees their father and Jools laughing together, realising they've been lied to.

How will they react?

7. Rash and Marty have a difficult task

Aside from all the drama in the ED, Paul spots an unattended child named Joey.

The youngster explains he has brought his pet gerbil in a box and tells Paul and Marty his pet needs a doctor.

Rash is asked to look at the gerbil while Paul tracks down Joey's parents and soon complains to Marty that the animal is dead – but he refuses to be the one to tell Joey.

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What can they do?

Casualty airs theses scenes on June 25, 2022, on BBC One.

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