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THERE'S a fight brewing in the Dales as Cain Dingle and Al Chapman take their feud to a deadly level.

The pair have been at odds for years but it all comes to a head when Chas's secret romance is out in the open in Emmerdale.

1. Aaron leaves the village

But before the Woolpack manager is confronted with the truth, she has to say goodbye do her son Aaron.

The character played by Danny Miller recently discovered Chas (portrayed by Lucy Pargeter) was having an affair with Al Chapman.

To make matters worse, he witnessed his half-sister Liv dying after she was crushed by a caravan.

Aaron is incredulous when Chas suggests planning Liv's funeral.

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And after being emotionally blackmailed by his own mother, Aaron decides it's time for him to leave the village again.

Afraid he'll spill the beans, Chas asks him what he's revealed before his departure as he says his goodbyes.

He responds by coldly cutting off any hopes of a reconciliation between them.

Can Chas and Aaron's bond ever be fixed?

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sad farewell

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Aaron won't be the one revealing Chas' affair as Cain could beat him to the punchCredit: ITV

2. Cain finds out about Chas' affair

But Chas doesn't have to worry about Aaron exposing her as her brother Cain (Jeff Hordley) could do it all on his own.

Instead, however, the Dales tough man chooses to solve the issue using what he's most familiar with – brutal violence.

Coming up, Curious to know why his sister and nephew aren't on good terms, knowing there's something amiss, Cain questions Chas.

She holds her nerve, refusing to say anything about her fallout with Aaron – as she continues to keep her affair under wraps.

Unfortunately for Chas, her brother finds her burner phone after hearing it vibrate and is in disbelief when he finds a string of messages from an unknown number.

3. Al is threatened at gunpoint

Chas' secret is out but matters go from bad to worse when Cain decides to call the number.

Oblivious to who is calling him, Al picks up the phone and Cain's expression darkens as he realises who is on the other end of the call.

This means Cain has another excuse to go after his long-term nemesis, Al Chapman (Michael Wildman).

Fuming and mourning the loss of his mother whom he held until her dying breath, Cain uses the phone to set up a trap and Al rushes straight into it, expecting to meet with Chas.

Instead, he finds a steely Cain and the business end of a shotgun.

Cain holds Al at gunpoint and his utter contempt at his sister's illicit romance with him is clear.

But Al stays cool-headed and his confidence begins to grow before he strides off, until Cain tells him the gun was only to get his attention.

The Emmerdale baddie prepares to fight his rival and the confrontation soon starts.

Both their gazes fall upon the shotgun lying nearby and the men fight to reach for it.

A blast goes off – but who is at the other end of it?

4. Kerry and Chloe makes shock discovery

Meanwhile, Kerry Wyatt (Laura Norton) and Chloe Harris (Jessie Elland) are outside, talking about their own issues.

In recent scenes, when Chloe spoke about moving to Leeds after discovering she was pregnant with Mackenzie Boyd's love child, Kerry took a stand to get her to stay in the eponymous village.

However, in scenes due to air this week, the pair make a mortifying discovery.

While outside, both women are shocked to hear the crack of a gunshot ring out.

And with actor Michael Wildman leaving the Yorkshire-based drama after three years, this could mean serious heartbreak for Kerry.

What will they find?

5. Amelia pays her respects

Elsewhere in the Dales, villagers are getting ready for a final goodbye to Harriet Finch.

Actress Katherine Dow Blyton bowed out after her character spent nine years in the eponymous village.

The former vicar of St Mary's Church was killed off amid storm week in a quad bike crash.

Harriet left a handful of heartbroken villagers behind, including her partner, Dan Spencer (played by Liam Fox).

Her funeral takes place this week in the presence of her loved ones which include her daughter figure Dawn Taylor (Olivia Bromley).

But Dan is especially moved when his own daughter, Amelia, delivers a heartfelt speech in honour of Harriet.

The teen portrayed by Daisy Campbell recently gave birth to a premature baby after being stuck out in the storm.

Harriet Finch was one of multiple villagers to take action in trying to find her and bring her to safety.

Unfortunately, someone has decided to take advantage of Harriet's death to make Dawn's life harder.


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6. Alex blackmails Dawn

Dawn will be going through hell this week as her former partner Alex (Liam Boyle) resurfaces.

When she finds out that the money from her long lost mother figure's will isn't enough for her and her husband Billy (Jay Kontzle) to keep their house, the thought of becoming homeless haunts her.

The pair hatch a plan to buy Woodbine for themselves – but Alex makes matters worse.

The money-hungry schemer threatens to take young Clemmie away if he doesn't get Harriet's fortune.

While everyone prepares and sets off for Harriet's funeral, Dawn is anxious about Alex's threats but her family assure her they'll be fighting her corner.

She later hopes that she hasn't lied to Clemmie by assuring her their family will stick together.

Thankfully, help is on the way for Dawn.

7. Kim and Will team up

While Dawn worries, her father Will Taylor (Dean Andrews) takes it upon himself to teach Alex a lesson and his wife Kim soon pitches in.

Calculating Kim (Claire King) baits Alex to her car with the temptation of the money he's after and he takes the bait – before being bundled into the boot.

Alex is soon tied up in the Home Farm stables as Kim and Will negotiate a cheaper pay off.

The troublemaker is encouraged to stew on the decision as he's left all alone.

At the Hide café, Will tries to tell Billy about Alex but Kim immediately shuts it down, urging the hunk not to act on his aggression towards Alex.

Kim keeps the hostage situation a secret, ready to keep her family safe and she's impressed when Will is seemingly on the same page as he prepares to beat down Alex.

After pummelling a bloodied Alex, Will composes himself but the former sticks to his guns.

Kim and Will form a united front, leaving Alex to suffer overnight.

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