Sir David Attenborough welcomes us into 2021 with heartfelt message

Sir David Attenborough has set us off on the right path for the new year after delivering a heartfelt message during the fireworks display to welcome us into 2021. 

The natural historian narrated the stunning fireworks display in London last night to usher in the new chapter. 

As viewers sipped on their prosecco and waved farewell to 2020, Sir David imparted some stirring words about saving the planet. 

‘Happy New Year. Our plant is unique. A living world of diversity and wonder. It’s also fragile,’ Sir David began as drones gathered to form the shape of Africa inside a turtle. 

The 94-year-old continued: ‘With the new year comes the opportunity for change. And if we act in 2021, we can make a world of difference. Together, we can turn things around. Together, we can restore our fragile home and make it a happy new year for all the inhabitants of planet Earth.’ 

The display did end with the unexpected sounds of police sirens nearby but don’t let that ruin Sir David’s heartfelt sentiment. 

It’s safe to say that Sir David warmed hearts across the country with viewers praising the TV legend for bringing us into 2021 with positivity. 

‘David Attenborough talking us into 2021. Based on purely that, I reckon we got this,’ one viewer said optimistically. 

Overwhelmed with emotion, another reacted: ‘Very moved by the London 2021 celebration. It beautifully captured the shared experience in 2020, and made me miss friends in London dearly! And the ending with David Attenborough is wholesome!’ 

‘Not me almost in tears at the David Attenborough tribute in the fireworks,’ one viewer tweeted. 

Praising the overall event, one weighed in: ‘Tributes to the NHS, Black Lives Matter, Sir David Attenborough and the challenges of 2020 all in the most fantastic drone and firework display above the O2.’ 

‘By far my favourite new year’s celebration the UK has done. Gave me mad goosebumps when #davidattenborough ended the display….gives me hope for 2021,’ another said. 

It comes after Sir David hinted he may never fly again after spending over 60 years travelling for his documentaries. 

He told the Radio Times: ‘It’s probably a fact of age, but I was finding my heart was sinking deeper and deeper into my boots every time I walked up into an aircraft and looked down that long line and thought, “I’m going to be here for another 24 hours”. 

‘It didn’t make my heart lift with pleasure.’ 

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