Six huge EE spoiler for next week including Stuart’s revenge against Frankie

STUART Highway attacks Frankie Lewis as the truth about Mick Carter’s abuse comes out next week. 

Here’s the lowdown on what’s happening next week in the BBC One show…

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1. Stuart learns the truth 

The penny drops for Stuart as he learns that a woman has been arrested for historic child abuse offences. 

Frankie visits the pub and expresses her concerns to Mick that everything is going to discover the truth about her mum. 

Stuart listens into the conversation and vows revenge, making a phone call to Callum. 

2. Stuart targets Frankie

Later in the week, as news of Katy’s arrest rocks the Square, Frankie meets Stuart at the car lot office. 

It all kicks off when Mick gets a message from Stuart and rushes to the car lot.

He’s shocked to find Stuart threatening Frankie. 

3. Callum gives Vinny advice

The police visit Vinny to get a statement on the thief who tried to rob the shop. 

It all kicks off when Kheerat and Suki discover Vinny has been talking to the police, but he reassures them there’s nothing to worry about.

Later, Callum tells Vinny to stand up for himself against the Panesars.

Will he take Callum’s advice?

4. Vinny gets a shock 

Kheerat gives Vinny a chance to prove himself by looking after Stas’ associate, but he’s disheartened when he learns it’s to be his driver.

But Vinny goes along with the job, and his interest is piqued when he spots a bag full of gold bars. 

When he jumps in the car, however, Vinny is horrified to realise the businessman is dead.

5. Kheerat drops a bombshell on Suki

Kheerat then drops the bombshell that he’d like to visit his father in prison, but Suki looks unsettled. 

Suki tries to manipulate Kheerat by telling him his dad would be proud of him building the business. 

Will she manage to put him off?

6. Gray shows his true colours

Kush plans a romantic evening for Whitney but ends up bringing it to Gray’s house when she announces she’s babysitting.

Gray is furious when he walks in to find Kush romancing Whitney in his house. 

Will he blow?

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