SNL: Trump Realizes That 'Cuckoo' Kanye Is 'Black Me!' — Watch Video

Saturday Night Live opened the third episode of Season 44 with a sketch in which President Donald Trump came to realize why it is that he has become such a Kanye West superfan.

In a spoof of the rapper’s visit to the White House this week (“Not a publicity stunt,” Alec Baldwin’s fauxTUS makes clear), Kanye (played by Chris Redd) was invited to make “one or two brief, lucid remarks.” He completely disregarded the directive, though, instead launching into a rambling spiel about the flying powers of his MAGA hat, skipping from the 12th Amendment to the 14th, and how the murder rate in Chicago is going down so much it will soon be negative: “We’re gonna be digging bodies out of the ground!”

It was then that Trump realized, “This guy may be cuckoo….” Add in the facts that Kanye doesn’t listen to anyone but himself, they’re married to a beautiful woman, and “we’ve both never been recorded saying the N-word,” and you have the foundation for Trump’s thesis:

“Oh my God, he’s black me! It’s like I’m being visited by the ghost of Christmas Black!”

While Kenan Thompson’s Jim Brown marvels at how he’s got more sense after playing football for years wearing a leather helmet, Trump comes to sees the bright side of having Yeezy as a bestie: “This guy makes Kavanaugh look calm and collected.”

Watch a portion of the cold open above, then hit the comments with your thoughts on the sketch.

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