Spoilers: Craig shatters Faye over baby plans in Corrie?

Faye Windass’ (Ellie Leach) recent pregnancy discovery came at a bad time for her in Coronation Street.

After the ordeal with Ted and Craig leaving the police force, his relationship with Faye hasn’t been particularly strong, with Craig even telling Emma (Alexandra Mardell) he resents Faye for making him give up the career he loves.

When Faye told Craig about her pregnancy, she was left surprised when he responded positively.

Sadly though, Craig and Faye’s pregnancy journey didn’t last long as a sonographer informed them Faye was never pregnant.

Coming up, as they begin to move forward, Faye shows Craig a fertility app she’s downloaded on her phone.

Later on, Craig confides in Beth (Lisa George) that Faye wants to start a family.

Craig says he thinks it’s too soon but doesn’t have the heart to tell Faye.

Unable to hold her tongue, Beth tells Faye that Craig isn’t ready for a baby, leaving her shocked.

But what will this mean for the couple?

Will Faye struggle to deal with the fact Craig couldn’t tell her how he feels?

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