Spoilers: Kush loses everything in devastating exit story in EastEnders

The grip of Kush Kazemi’s (Davood Ghadami) gambling addiction is set to make itself truly known – as it leads to him taking risks with some of the most important things he has, which he could lose forever in EastEnders.

Not only that, but as the pressure of the Slaters’ financial situation increases due to the hiked rent, Kush ends up committing a crime in order to fund the online poker when he steals cash from Ruby Allen’s (Louisa Lytton) till.

When she finds out what he has done, she gives him the option to hand it back but when he denies it, she accuses him of having a gambling addiction, which Kat (Jessie Wallace) furiously denies.

But when Kush then makes a huge win, Kat encourages him to clear the account and delete the app if he truly doesn’t have a problem.

Davood sighed: ‘I don’t think he believes he has a problem. It’s going to take some time to realise, I think he’s in denial. He thinks it’s just a little flutter here or there.

‘He has to convince himself that what he is doing is absolutely fine and doesn’t have a negative affect on him or anyone else around him. But we’ll have to see where that goes because these things can spiral and get out of control.’

Hearing about Kush’s stroke of luck, Kheerat Panesar (Jaz Keol) invites him to join their next poker game – but is this set up as a trap by Suki (Balvinder Sopal) and Ruby, who have joined forces with a plan to destroy the Slaters?

Davood stated: ‘It’s a really interesting dynamic. When he’s offered the opportunity to make a bit more  through an actual poker game it’s far too tempting for him to ignore. He must be feeling that he’s on a winning streak, he can’t lose. He’s won once, why can’t he win twice?


‘And I think once that offer is put on the table and once he sees that environment, he wants to be part of it. He’s enjoying that buzz too much, he’s enjoyed that feeling of I’ve made it, it’s all good. It’s more than just luck. He’s genuinely believes he’s got what it takes to beat other people in this game.

‘The desire to do this to family like the Panesars, who he feels are looking down on him, is too much of a pull to ignore. Which is why he goes ahead and does it. He wants to take them on and he wants to beat them.’

But are the odds stacked against Kush more than he realises?

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