Spoilers: Lily fears for Jean as Stacey tells whopping lie in EastEnders

As Jean Slater (Gillian Wright)’s mental continues to give cause for concern in EastEnders, it’s starting to affect more members of the family, including her granddaughter Lily (Lilia Turner).

Jean has always been close to her grandchildren and was upset recently when Stacey (Lacey Turner) banned her from seeing them, after she accidentally hurt Arthur on a bouncy castle and then told him what Gray Atkins did to Kush.

In upcoming episodes, Jean is busily planning her engagement party, full of excitement. Lily notices that something’s not right with her gran and asks Stacey if there’s anything the matter with Jean.

Seeking to reassure her daughter, Stacey tells a bit of a porky pie and says that Jean is absolutely fine. Lily isn’t so easily fobbed off, though, and decides to find out for herself.


She visits Jean and it’s obvious that she isn’t well. A troubled Lily realises that Stacey hasn’t been telling her the truth.

Will Stacey decide to be honest with her daughter?

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