Summer TV Preview 2021: From 'Gossip Girl' to 'Ted Lasso' and More

Some of the most beloved shows of last year premiered in the summer, from the piercing darkness of I May Destroy You and Lovecraft Country to the joyful optimism of Ted Lasso and The Baby-Sitters Club. But it was a much sparser TV summer overall than we’ve gotten used to in recent years, as the backlog of series filmed prior to the pandemic started to run out before Hollywood started returning in earnest to production in the fall.

Quantity-wise, the summer of 2021 looks a lot more robust, thanks to the vaccine and an industry that’s figured out how to work efficiently within Covid protocols. We’re hoping there’s plenty of quality, too, between returning favorites like Lasso or the long-running Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and intriguing new shows that cover everything from superheroes to raunchy comedians, sexy spies, animated bird-ladies, privileged high-school kids, embattled college professors, and more.

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