Susanna Reid awkwardly refuses hug from Adil Ray on Good Morning Britain as coronavirus rules are eased

GOOD Morning Britain's Susanna Reid awkwardly refused a hug from Adil Ray on today's show as coronavirus rules are eased.

Now that a hug with family and friends is permitted, Adil wasted no time in trying to affectionately greet his co-star.

After watching and mocking a guidance video showing Dr Hilary safely hugging his wife, Adil took to his feet and turned to face Susanna with his arms wide open.

Susanna exclaimed "no, no, no, no", as Adil said "come on, come on. I haven't seen you in such a long time."

She replied: "I know, and I'm still in the mood for a virtual hug."

Shortly after, Susanna said sorry and explained why she chose not to engage.

She said: "Adil, apologies. I'm protecting you first of all.

"Secondly, if we ration our hugs I'm letting you hug more important people."

Adil then recounted being rejected by Susanna for a hug on the first time they met at the National Television Awards.

Dr Hilary raised eyebrows when he joked she'd have no problems hugging the entire Crystal Palace football team, who she supports.

The government has issued guidance on making hugs safer including keeping them short, don't hug face-to-face and keep the numbers of hugs to a minimum.

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