Tamara Wall names celeb pal who said she’d ‘love or hate’ fiancé Gareth Jones

As Tamara Wall leaves Hollyoaks after ten years, she opens up about her engagement and reveals that it was a close pal who introduced her to her fiancé.

Tamara’s other half is Gareth Jones, whom she got engaged to in 2018 after meeting through a mutual friend years earlier.

“We met through Rachel Leskovac [Waterloo Road’s Coral Walker]. She put us together, and said to us, ‘You two, you will either completely fall in love or absolutely hate each other,’ and she was right.”

On looking back at the moment Gareth proposed on holiday, Tamara admits she ‘sort of knew’ as Gareth’s ‘rubbish at keeping surprises’.

“He went down on one knee and nearly fell over. It was on a beach in Ibiza, in the evening, it was really lovely. There was a little bar quite far away but with the breeze you could hear they were playing ABBA, which weirdly is my favourite band.”

The pair have been engaged for five years, but Tamara admits she and Gareth have made no plans to walk down the aisle, yet.

“We haven’t really discussed it because it’s so expensive to get married. I mean, especially now, I’m not working so it’s definitely gone on the backburner. But to be honest, we’re together, we’re happy and we want to be for the rest of our lives. At the end of the day, if we’re in a financial place where we can afford it then maybe. But it’s not high on our priority list."

“We have a home together and two cats, and my step-daughter Emily who’s now 14. It’s funny, when I first met Gareth, she was this tiny, cute little 9 year old. And now, she’s taller than me and she looks about 18, she’s absolutely stunning.”

Tamara was known for playing bad girl, Grace Black in Hollyoaks and after 10 years, reveals she’s really going to miss the role, and the attitude that came with her character.

“I did really enjoy being bad. It’s something you don’t ever get to do and I am the polar opposite of that in real-life. I’m so rubbish at confrontation, I’m the person that goes ‘oh no leave it, it’s fine, never mind’. I hate it."

“It was absolutely devastating, honestly when I got told, I bawled my eyes out for about three days. I was so upset. But it’s the name of the game, and Grace was going to get her comeuppance at some point. She’ll find her way out eventually, she’ll be back.”

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