Teen Mom Farrah Abraham posts emotional quote after she slammed Chrissy Teigen as a ‘hateful, diseased person'

TEEN Mom alum Farrah Abraham posted an emotional quote.

The 30-year-old shared the messaged after she slammed Chrissy Teigen as a “hateful, diseased person.”

On Wednesday, the former MTV star took to her Instagram Story to share a quote that read: “It is okay to take time for yourself. To have bad days. To make mistakes. To say ‘no.’ To forgive yourself. To be kind to yourself.”

Farrah’s post comes after she out against the 35-year-old model, who previously bullied her on Twitter.

Back in 2013, Chrissy roasted Farrah in a series of tweets after the Teen Mom star released a sex tape.

Chrissy wrote at the time: “Farrah Abraham now thinks she is pregnant from her sex tape. In other news, you're a w***e" and everyone hates you, whoops not other news, sorry."

When the tweet resurfaced, Farrah called Chrissy "disturbing"  and urged her to "get mental help.”

Back in May, Farrah expanded on her thoughts about Chrissy as she accused the model of "making a mockery" of her.

The Teen Mom alum wrote on Instagram: "I leave it here when I see a sick individual make a mockery out of mental health.

"As those who have been preyed upon, silenced, abused by a very mentally ill person who is also a mother I won’t stand by as I’ve also been a victim of this hateful diseased person.

"I know I’m stronger from my investments in my mental health over a decade as that's my priority so I can be my best for my child, the best Farrah I can be, best for my career, education, and this much needed entertainment revolution."

Farrah then called for the government to stop "social platforms" from "contributing to sexualization, abuse and mental illness.”

While mentioning Chrissy, Kim Kardashian and Wendy Williams in the hashtags, Farrah concluded: "Stop dysfunction caused from older generations.”

Chrissy first came under fire earlier last month after it emerged that she told Courtney Stodden to "go to sleep forever" when Courtney was just 16.

After Courtney spoke out against John Legend's wife, a number of old tweets have resurfaced in which Chrissy trolled other stars.

Farrah- who is the mother to 12-year-old daughter Sophia- continued to share her thoughts on the model while speaking to Fox News.

She told the outlet: “It's really just a pathetic statement after someone has gone to therapy publicly for sex shaming, working through my own depression, bereavement, and vulnerabilities at that time.

“I don't even say the words she says.”

The mom-of-one called Chrissy "an unfit person in society" after the resurfaced tweet was shared by author Candace Owens.

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