Teen Mom Jenelle Evans slams trolls accusing her of 'faking' back pain and shares x-ray to show 'cyst on spine'

JENELLE Evans got out some receipts in response to trolls who questioned whether she's faking her back pain.

The Teen Mom alum shared a video expressing her irritation at the doubters before showing x-rays to prove that she has a cyst on her spine.

In the clip shared to Instagram Jenelle, 29, sat on a bed while singling out a comment from one of her posts.

The critic wrote: "Right?! All her debilitating pain suddenly disappears when it’s time to drink or dance/twerk on TikTok."


Jenelle looked visibly annoyed as she said: "Comments like these are irritating. Here we go again with some receipts.

"There’s no way in faking a cyst in your spine, number one."

She continued: "If you have something in your body that shouldn't be in there, you know it's going to glow in an MRI.

"Just because you can't see me in pain doesn’t mean I'm not in pain."

The mom-of-three went on to show her x-ray and give fans a tutorial by pointing out her anatomy as well as the glowing "cyst" on her spine.


In July, Jenelle opened up about her fear of being paralyzed from a condition called syringomyelia, which is a disorder that causes a fluid-filled cyst to develop within the spinal cord.

The symptoms include headaches, pain in the neck, arms and back, loss of reflexes, muscle weakness and sometimes paralysis.

Jenelle broke the news to fans on her Instagram Stories, saying she was "in shock."

The MTV star elaborated on her condition in a YouTube vlog called "My Neck, My Back".

The TV star said she'd been battling daily headaches and dealing with her neck "cracking 10 times a day."

The Teen Mom alum had been having tests done for the past five months and not getting any answers, which she described as "really frustrating."

The week prior, Jenelle – who is married to David Eason – had an MRI, which revealed the cyst in her spine.

"It's pretty concerning. That's not good. None of this is good," she said as she fought back tears.

She said of her daily health struggles: "I have neck pain every day and headaches every day and my neck cracks every day.

"I do what I can. By this time, at 5 o'clock, I usually have to tap out because my neck hurts so bad. I try to get up and be happy and act like I don't have this problem.

"I have head shaking too, it's kind of embarrassing, it feels like a tremor. My hands are not that steady and my fingertips are numb most of the time."


"It's kind of scary. I feel like slowly I'm losing my ability in my hands and I really need that. I really need my hands," she added.

Jenelle – who is mom to Jace, 11, Kaiser, six, and Ensley, four – went on: "It really sucks. It had to be the worst thing ever when I got my results.

"It's just, like, your life is off course. I have my kids here and my work is online. A lot of things are going through my mind right now."

Jenelle discussed possible courses of action and considered the prospect of having the cyst removed.

Jenelle was left bedridden after having a CT myelogram in June and said the procedure went a "lot worse than planned."

It's not the first time Jenelle's family has faced a health crisis.

Back in November, she revealed Kaiser had an infected abscess on his groin that was affecting his lymph nodes.


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