Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry insists she 'doesn't receive child support AT ALL' from three baby daddies

TEEN Mom Kailyn Lowry insisted she "doesn't receive child support AT ALL" from her three baby daddies.

She has son Isaac with Jo Rivera, Lincoln with Javi Marroquin, and Creed and Lux with Chris Lopez.

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In an Instagram Q&A, a fan asked Kailyn if she received child support from all of her baby daddies.

Sadly, she revealed that she doesn't "receive child support at all."

This probably comes as no surprise as Kailyn makes way more than her baby daddies with her MTV salary, her two podcasts, her own brand called Pot Head Hair Care, and the multitude of sponsorships from different lifestyle brands.

The 29-year-old mom of four has previously talked about her financial issues with her baby daddies as she revealed, back in October, that Chris specifically doesn't financially support his two sons, Lux and Creed, while Jo and Javi go 50/50 with her.

She told Vee Rivera during an episode of their Baby Mama No Drama podcast: "For me, if they were still together – the mediator for child support told me and Jo when we first dealt to consider how much we would each pay if we were still together.

"You, Jo, and I have gone through a lot with the child support stuff."

She then added: "Javi and I have 50/50 with Lincoln and we go half on everything.

"Little things like haircuts, even though they do add up, we don't go half on those, I usually take them but sports, we go 50/50."

The Teen Mom 2 star then talked about how some people believe that if they are part of the child's life, they shouldn't pay child support and vice versa.

To which she added: "You should be financially responsible, we made this kid together, you should – regardless of the money situation – be financially responsible.

"So, in my case, because I make more than someone, they may not have to pay anything at all, just because I make an x amount of dollars.

"To me, I don't give a f**k how much I make, you helped me create this baby, you need to be financially responsible. period. I don't care. How does that work?"

Those she didn't specifically mention Chris's name, she did hint it was him after stating that Jo and Javi support their children financially.

Chris seemingly confirmed Kailyn's claims on his own podcast, PTSD, as he said he didn't believe in child support.

He said to his listeners: "Some people are if I'm providing the child support I don't have to do s**t else but pay my monthly little thing and move on.

"Don't ask me for extra s**t. Don't ask for me extra. Don't do none of that, if I'm doing that.

"Me, I'm more like, you don't really feel like you have to do child support. If you ask me for something I'll provide it, it shouldn't be no problem."

Chris also said on paying for his children's expenses: "If I'm providing for my kid at my establishment or my house and making sure they got everything like that… I don't feel like it's my responsibility to have to provide for me and at the same time provide for you…

"Granted, if I'm sending my kid over there with stuff if I'm doing on my own time and things like that. If you ask me if they need stuff like okay that's cool, but I'm not going to continue this like keep providing for you, if I'm providing for me, I can't keep providing for me and you at the same time.

"That don't make sense… If a guy sending something over, he's providing at least something, that's better than nothing because he doesn't really have to provide anything for the other crib."

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