Teen Mom Maci Bookout’s restraining order against Ryan Edwards dropped despite her suspicions troubled ex ‘isn’t sober’ – The Sun

TEEN Mom star Maci Bookout’s restraining order against baby daddy Ryan Edwards has been dropped after two years, The Sun can exclusively reveal.

The dissolved restraining order comes after Maci, 28, said on a recent episode of Teen Mom OG that Ryan, 32, did not seem sober following stints in rehab and jail.

A Tennessee court clerk exclusively confirmed to The Sun that neither party filed to extend the restraining order, which expired on May 21, 2020.

In March 2018, Maci filed a protection order against Ryan.

She also listed their son Bentley, 11, and her two children, Jayde, 4, and Maverick, 3, with husband Taylor McKinney.

Maci claimed in her protection order request: “He has left voicemail messages threatening to show up at my house and take my son. He has made threats to show up and hurt me if I don’t answer my phone.”

She alleged that during Bentley’s baseball game in May 2017, Ryan “showed up under the influence of heroin and got in my face, yelling and threatening to hurt me.”

The MTV star continued to claim: “His behavior and actions are getting worse. I am fearful for my three children and myself, and what he may do, based on his threats.”

Maci’s husband also filed a protection order against Ryan, claiming he threatened to “put a bullet in [his] head.”

Taylor, 31, also alleged: “The police were called and they suggested to seek an order of protection. He has also said he would show up at our son’s baseball game and confront us, my wife and I.”

On May 21, 2018, a two-year restraining order was granted to protect Maci, Taylor and their two children.

Bentley was dropped from the order.

The court filing read: “The respondent, Ryan Edwards, is hereby restrained from coming within a distance of 100 feet, contacting or otherwise communicating, directly or indirectly, with Petitioner Maci Bookout, her husband Taylor McKinney, and their children Jayde McKinney and Maverick McKinney for a period of two years from the entry of this order.”

A lawyer for Ryan said in a statement at the time: "We did agree to a restraining order where Ryan will not go within 100 feet of Maci and her current husband and their two children. Ryan has no exclusions with Bentley and is still able to see his son under the new restraining order.

"This gives Ryan a lot more protection against any false allegations, allows him to avoid getting arrested without a hearing first, and allows him to be around his son most importantly.

"Ryan agreed to this outcome to make it easier on everyone and not go through a formal process of a trial. Moving forward Ryan hopes everyone can get through this without any issues and that he can see his son."

Ryan, 32, has a history of heroin abuse.

In March 2017, he was issued a citation for simple possession of heroin.

He was caught on camera slurring his words and nodding off while on his way to his wedding with wife Mackenzie on Teen Mom OG.

It was announced that Ryan checked into rehab for the second time after the episode aired.

Then in March 2018, he was arrested for petition to revoke when he failed a court-ordered drug test.

The reality star was arrested again in July 2018 for breaking probation from a past possession of heroin charge.

He received probation.

He completed his third rehab stint in November 2018.

But Ryan was arrested again in January 2019 for breaking probation from a past possession of heroin charge.

He served 90 days in jail and was released in April.

On a recent TMOG episode, Maci said Ryan, who shares Jagger, 1, Stella, 5 months, and stepson Hudson with wife Mackenzie, did not seem sober during their son’s birthday party in October.

She told her husband: “In my opinion, he was 100 percent not sober. He didn’t look good.”

Taylor responded: “I wouldn’t call you crazy if you thought that. Part of it is because it’s happened so many times. It’s not a knock on him, you have to think that way because it’s your son.”

She said that she hopes she is “wrong” about Ryan.

Maci exclusively told The Sun in March that she is “in a better place” with her ex.

She said: “I don’t want to say time heals all wounds because that’s cheesy and not always true. We definitely still don’t have much of a relationship.

“We’re trying to get to a place where we could be in the same room and around each other and speak and not be so awkward.

“We all just want what is best for Bentley. We're taking steps to get there. Maybe one day.”

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