Teen Mom Mackenzie McKee admits she's 'scared' her dad remains in ICU from heart surgery a year after mom's cancer death

TEEN Mom star Mackenzie McKee admitted she's "scared" as her dad remained in the ICU after heart surgery.

The scary hospitalization came one year after the 26-year-old's mother tragically died from cancer.

In a preview for the next episode of Teen Mom OG, Mackenzie updated fans about her dad's health following a bypass surgery.

Mackenzie told the camera: "My dad had bypass on Thursday and he's still in the ICU."

The MTV star later admitted she was "really scared" for her father when she returned home from the hospital.

Mackenzie previously updated her fans about her dad's condition before and after the surgery in September.

After sharing that her move to Florida had been slightly delayed, she explained on Snapchat: "So my dad is having quadruple open heart bypass surgery so I'm going to stay back and make sure he gets through the surgery and comes home."

The Teen Mom star continued: "My sister lives with him, she's taking care of him and then I will leave.

"That's the hold-up, it's just another week, I'm going to make sure he's ok, I'm going to be home visiting."

She continued to keep her fans in the loop while he was in the hospital, while she also shared that things had taken a scary turn when she asked for "prayers" during her dad's recovery.

The MTV star previously opened up about the depression she felt following her mom's death and claimed she didn't want to live anymore during an episode of Teen Mom.

After admitting she had “little hope” she will get better after the loss, Mackenzie said on TMOG: “Even though I am trying, a lot is going on right now and I need help. Sometimes you don’t like when I cry out to you, but it is very hard to want to be alive right now.”

She has been married to husband Josh for seven years and they have three children: eight-year-old Gannon, six-year-old Jaxie and three-year-old Broncs.

While the couple has had a number of ups and downs amid cheating allegations, they appear to be in a good place as Mackenzie recently slammed a troll that called Josh "sucks."

After a fan commented on an Instagram post that "Josh sucks as a husband," the TV personality fired back: "mtv and cameras are not for Josh.

"Does your spouse open up infront of you with a million people watching? Some can and some can’t."

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