‘That’s a disgrace!’ Richard Madeley shakes head ex-green party head shuts ears to reality

Richard Madeley says former Green leader’s answer is ‘disgrace’

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GMB presenter Richard Madeley has hit out at the former Green Party leader, Natalie Bennett, over the MP’s response to questions about the Insulate Britain blockade on the M25. Activists from the climate group blocked the busy ring road last week and continue to cause traffic disruptions. Mr Madeley questioned the impact on ordinary people and asked the Green Party politician what she would say to parents delayed while taking a child for cancer treatment, he was deeply unimpressed with her answer.

 Ms Madeley told GMB: “I am going to take that one to the bank from this interview Natalie.

“That you have just told me that the kind of scenario that I have just outlined and we outlined them in this studio last week is a hypothetical.

“It’s not hypothetical, it’s real.

“It is as real as me sitting here, and you call it hypothetical I think that is a disgrace.”


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