The 5 reasons fans think Chloe Ferry is pregnant after she convinced followers with Instagram snaps

CHLOE Ferry got everyone guessing when she posed a video where she cradled her stomach – after posing at a baby shower.

The star sparked rumours when she stood beside some blue and pink balloons asking: "Is it boy or is it a girl…? 💙💗."

Geordie Shore favourite Chloe has since spoken out to address the swirling talk – but fans could be forgiven for thinking she was given how many clues were dropped.

Here we reveal the five reasons people are convinced there is a mini Ferry on the way…

Baby shower pic

The pregnancy rumours began one week ago when Chloe shared a picture of her standing beside giant blocks spelling out the word 'BABY'.

Surrounded by pink and blue balloons, she wrote: "Is it boy or is it a girl…? 💙💗."

But having not tagged in the parents, some initially thought it was her event, with one fan spluttering: "Not me about to congratulate you."

Adding fuel to the fire, her sometime 'ex' Wayne Lineker wrote: "Healthy is all that matters. You look amazing as always. Miss you."

It it turned out, the event was for her friend – but that wasn't the last time the rumour mill was sent spinning.

References to 'babies'

The baby shower picture was by far the last reference to babies Chloe would make that week.

She also shared a picture of her in swimwear writing: "Do not disturb baby 🧖‍♀️" and a few days earlier: "The doctor will see you now baby."

Another snaps this week read: "Where baby wall or stair case or both…."

If Chloe didn't have babies on the brain, her followers certainly did, with some asking her if she was pregnant.

Cradling her tummy

The biggest clue came when Chloe shared a photo shoot at home of her leaning against a wall with one hand on her stomach.

Another saw her leaning back at her mansion with both hands placed protectively over her tummy.

As one fan put it: "100% pregnant. So many hints😮😮."

Others added up all the 'baby' clues writing: "either baby is just being used – or you're hinting at something 👀."

Another was more blunt, posting: "Is she pregnant?"

Unusually covered up

Chloe Ferry watchers will know she rarely last long without posting a scantily-clad shot on Instagram.

Even if it's not holiday season, the star is famous for stripping off and parading about in swimwear on her landing at home.

But she shared a string of pictures where she was totally covered up, including one where she was enveloped in a Snuggy wearable blanket.

Throwback videos

Chloe shared a video of herself frolicking in the waves in a sunny destination – but fans recognised it as an old clip from the summer.

She captioned the video: "She got the cake🍑."

One replied: "Wooow you look amazing babes talk about having Your cake 🍰 and eating it 💝."

Despite the baby rumours, Chloe didn't deny them until yesterday – though she did so emphatically.

She said: "One thing – I don't know where the hell's this come from – I am 100 per cent not pregnant."

Brandishing a drink she added: "I am currently here having a vodka cranberry. Obviously I want to be pregnant one day but I'm just not pregnant."

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