‘The Bachelor’: Zach Shallcross Breaks Down The Women Tell All After 15 Contestants Return To Hash Out Drama & Seek Closure

SPOILER ALERT! This post contains details from Season 27’s The Bachelor: Women Tell All.

Zach Shallcross has narrowed down his final three contestants on Season 27 of The Bachelor, and now the time has come for the women who were sent home to say their piece in The Bachelor: Women Tell All.

If you need to catch up on what you missed, here’s a recap of hometown dates. Zach met the families of Charity, Gabi, Kaity, and Ariel. He declined to offer Charity a rose, and the pair had a very emotional goodbye.

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Charity returned for the tell all, along with Cat, Olivia L., Madison, Victoria J., Anastasia, Genevie, Mercedes, Kylee, Brooklyn, Jess, Kat, Christina, Aly, and Greer. Considering that Shallcross was adamant about squashing most drama among the women as soon as it occurred, Tuesday night’s Women Tell All was fairly tame.

Read on for more details, and for Deadline’s interview with The Bachelor himself at the bottom of this post.

Before Zach took the stage, the women had the opportunity to has out some of the lingering tension among themselves. They kicked things off by discussing the rift between Christina and some of the other women in the house, notably Brooklyn, after the way Christina spoke to Brianna (who was absent from the WTA). Things heated up after Christina stole Charity’s moment when she got a group date rose. Brooklyn had no problem recounting her issue with Christina, and several of the other women including Genevie and Kat.

Of course, they also touched on Anastasia’s exit after Zach heard from a few other women that she was discussing how many social media followers each of the women stood to gain from being on the show (the classic “right reasons” debate). Cat also claimed that Anastasia had a boyfriend when she went on the show, though Anastasia denies that claim. Kylee also had a moment to tell Anastasia that she didn’t appreciate how she perpetuated that strange rumor that Kylee wanted to fight her. Genevie also backed her up, explaining to Anastasia that “Black women in general…deal with the stereotype of being aggressive people” and perpetuating that stereotype encourages micro-aggressions against them.

The last major rift between the women was Brooklyn’s fight with Kat after she stole Zach away before Charity’s one-on-one to kiss him in the hallway. At the time, Brooklyn called Kat’s actions “classless,” which is clearly still a sore spot for Kat. Brooklyn claimed that some people just need a “harsh delivery,” and she didn’t apologize for it, even though Kat said that she felt the attacks on her character were unecessary.

Whew. After that, a few women were put in the hot seat to discuss the end of their relationship with Zach. First up was Jess, who left on her own terms after Zach didn’t understand her frustrations about not getting a one-on-one. She told host Jesse Palmer she didn’t think Zach was hearing her, and she was looking for more compassion from him. Ultimately she said she was proud of herself for the way she ended things.

Greer also spoke with Palmer about her exit. Zach sent her home after a few weeks of no contact, because they both contracted COVID and were forced to quarantine. Considering she received the first impression rose, that was not the ending that Greer (or viewers) anticipated. Greer admitted that it was very difficult to watch her relationship with Zach flicker out as others were beginning to flourish, but she has come to terms with how things panned out. She said she realizes he’s not her person.

Greer also addressed a controversy that has surrounded her time on the show, which involved some social media posts that surfaced after night one where she defended a classmate who wore blackface. Surprisingly, Palmer admitted that the Bachelor franchise has “done a very poor job” of previously addressing these issues when they arise. Greer already apologized, but she spoke about it again on stage, saying she failed to mention in her apology that her actions were racist, and that she now realizes that her intentions are not more important than the impact her actions had. She said she worked with Dr. Kira Banks to further understand equity, diversity, and inclusion and understand why her actions were offensive.

Kat also spoke with Palmer about her perplexing exit. She and Zach seemed to be building a strong foundation, but Kat let her insecurities get the best of her, which caused a rift between her and Zach. In the final weeks of their relationship, Zach said he felt their connection change and he no longer felt confident in their future. Kat told Palmer that she still doesn’t understand why he “gave up” on her leading up to hometowns.

Charity was the last woman to get a moment in the chair next to Palmer. Her exit was a little surprising, although many of the exits at that stage in the process usually are. She said Zach had an ability to make her feel safe and comforted, and she became emotional talking about the end of their relationship. When he didn’t give her a rose, she said she felt “blindsided” and was heartbroken.

Zach made a brief appearance toward the end of the episode, and he did have a few conversations with the women. Jess told him she felt misunderstood, and he said he’d come to understand her position much more since they had their conversation on camera, and he couldn’t properly convey his emotions to her at the time. Kat and Charity also wanted closure and, to some extent, they got some.

After the taping, Zach spoke with Deadline about how he was feeling.

DEADLINE: How were you feeling going into tonight, and how are you feeling now after your conversations with some of the women?

ZACH SHALLCROSS: I always feel the nerves. I’m not someone that like really likes public speaking or getting in front of a crowd. Also seeing all the women again, like this was the first time I’ve seen any of them. So I was really nervous at first — pretty much shaking. But after, it felt really good to see everyone and talk about closure from the season and see how they’re doing. It feels nice.

DEADLINE: You’ve said a few times that you’re proud of how you handled yourself this season and you don’t have any regrets. But are you glad that you got to confront some of these more messy exits, like with Jess and with Greer?

SHALLCROSS: Oh, absolutely. I think that’s huge. I know it’s on a TV show, but [we do need] closure and sometimes for one person, you might have that closure, and the other person doesn’t. This was the opportunity for that. So I think that was great, and it was good to speak with them and see how they’re feeling about everything because the last thing you want is to just keep having that lack of closure and always [feel like you’re] guessing.

DEADLINE: Do you feel like the episodes so far have fairly portrayed your experience, or is there anything missing?

SHALLCROSS: I really think it showed the the stuff that matters. I mean, the bloopers reel we saw, that’s kind of like the quirky stuff and that happens a lot. I’m sure they could have made us an hour long version, but I think in general what was shown was the important part. So I don’t think there’s anything that the show is missing.

DEADLINE: As the season progressed, you were very emotional during some of these goodbyes, like with Jess and with Charity. What was going through your mind when they went home?

SHALLCROSS: It was really tough, because You just don’t stop your feelings there. It’s not like ‘Okay, I make this decision and I move on.’ You do develop really strong feelings, and there are great relationships, but then when you do have to make those tough decisions, there’s no other way to react. Your emotions just hit you like a wave. I’m someone that does wear my heart on my sleeve and I’m not gonna hide what I’m truly feeling and that’s quite evident when I have to say bye to really, really special girls.

DEADLINE: So, how did you manage those emotions while still continuing to date the women that remained?

SHALLCROSS: There’s like no way to prepare for that. After every rose ceremony, [especially from] Estonia or Budapest and then moving forward, it just takes it out of you. You just want to be alone. You need to be by yourself to just recover. I’d say that’s the best word for it, because it’s nearly impossible to just forget about it. But in this environment, you move so quickly to where it is a little bit of that mentality of like, you can’t like spend your time in your own head somber about something. You need to move forward because you do feel these awesome, strong relationships that you’re getting that much closer to. So it’s like a bittersweet thing. You have to grieve over it and feel it but also what’s at the end of this is something so great, so special, so that pulls you through.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. Next week is fantasy suites. Oh, and Charity Lawson has been named the next Bachelorette.

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