'The Bold and the Beautiful': Sean Kanan is the Winner of the Week

From Thanksgiving recipes to accolades, Sean Kanan of The Bold and the Beautiful is dominating the headlines. Kanan is winning in every possible way, even though his alter ego Deacon Sharpe has seen better days. Let’s see all the ways Kanan has won the unofficial “soap performer of the week” award.

Sean Kanan got a very special birthday wish from a fellow ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ star

Earlier this month, The Bold and the Beautiful star celebrated a birthday. And while a gentleman never tells his age, Kimberlin Brown — who plays Sheila Carter — wished her on-screen “boyfriend” a very happy birthday. But the best part was, she went full-on “Marilyn Monroe” wish the wishes. It made Kanan laugh so hard that he begged her to stop, because he thought it was so funny. How sweet! Check it out below.

He also shared his favorite Thanksgiving recipe

More recently, Soap Opera Digest asked some stars of The Bold and the Beautiful to share their favorite Thanksgiving recipes. Sean Kanan was asked to share his favorite recipe, which was his mom’s recipe for carrots. He loved the recipe so much, in fact, that he included it in a book he wrote back in 2011. (The hair is to die for.)

“She used to use a little orange juice instead of sugar,” he said to the outlet. “I say experiment with it. You could also throw in a tablespoon or two of Frangelico instead if you’d like, or your own favorite orange-flavored liqueur. Also, instead of sugar, you can drizzle with a little bit of honey. Personally, I love to take recipes and put my own spin on them.”

You can check out his recipe for glazed carrots here.

‘Studio City’ is earning him some critical acclaim

There are some critics who believe that soap operas are the lowest form of entertainment. As such, they don’t take the actors on the soaps seriously. But that’s a big mistake, in the long run, as Sean Kanan proves.

The Digital Journal was on hand for the premiere of Studio City, whose lead is none other than the star of The Bold and the Beautiful. One might say that the series is an example of art imitating life, or life imitating art. Because in the Amazon Prime Series, Kanan plays Sam Stevens, who is the star of “Hearts on Fire,” the No. 2 daytime soap opera in the world. Studio City focuses on the lives and loves of soap opera stars.

The series also cleaned up nicely at the LA Live Film Festival, and Kanan took home the prize for Best Actor. Previously, Studio City cleaned up at the Daytime Emmy Awards, too, where they took home a trophy for Best Limited Series. We love to see stars of The Bold and the Beautiful winning, so congratulations are in order for Sean Kanan!

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