The Bridge winner hands over £40K prize money to fellow contestant

The Bridge contestants voted Julie winner of the Channel 4 show as the series came to an end tonight, and she opted to split the £80K cash prize with her fellow contestant Sly.

In tense final scenes, the group managed to complete the build in 20 days and once it was finished, all 10 finalists were given just one attempt to safely cross it to reach the tower.

Once they’d stepped foot on the island, the contestants were asked to vote for the participant they believed would be worthy of taking home the cash prize. And with four votes in her favour, Julie was crowned champion.

But the fun wasn’t over yet.

Another curveball was thrown into the mix and Julie was told she could choose to keep all the money for herself, or, split the cash with one teammate of her choice. She was given until sunrise to mak her decision.

Speaking to the group, Julie announced she was handing £40K over to her good friend Sly, on account of him helping her throughout the process.

‘The reason why I chose this person is because they’ve helped me with my confidence,’ she said.

‘My experience wouldn’t have been the same without having this person here.

‘We’ve had lots of laughs, chats, cries, and I think this person is an incredible human being.’

Sly was over the moon with Julie’s decision, and told the cameras: ‘£40K is life changing, you know.’

Expressing shock over her win, Julie added: ‘I can’t believe I won out of all these amazing people. I can’t actually believe it.’

The Bridge is available to stream on Channel 4OD.

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