'The Challenge': Nany Gonzalez Explains Why She and Theresa Jones Had No 'Beef' During Season 36

The Challenge stars Nany González and Theresa Jones went head-to-head during season 26, a battle the latter eventually won as she finished second in the finals. 10 seasons later, the ladies reunited for the first time but seemingly had no drama. Nany explained why following Theresa’s elimination. 

Nany González and Theresa Jones’ drama started in ‘The Challenge’ season 26

Newer player Nany González and veteran Theresa Jones crossed paths during The Challenge: Rivals II and both competed on Free Agents. Although the two didn’t explicitly work with each other, they were seemingly on friendly terms until the following season, Battle of the Exes II.

When Nany started flirting with another competitor, the veteran sided with his ex and thought the newer player should “have more respect for herself.” Therefore, Theresa began gathering other players to target Nany.

Thinking she and Theresa had a decent relationship, Nany felt hurt and confronted her. Their drama came to a head when Theresa voted Nany into an elimination where she went home before winning a challenge to re-enter the house and exacting her revenge.

Although Theresa went home, she returned as Leroy Garrett’s partner and immediately had to face off against Nany, where she came out on top.

Nany and Theresa seemingly never resolved anything

Following the season, the ladies re-hashed their problems during the reunion but still couldn’t come to a conclusion. While Nany explained she considered herself a “girls’ girl” and didn’t know why Theresa came after her, turning other females, including Nia Moore, against her in the process.

The veteran, who ended up placing second in the competition, held firm to her beliefs that she didn’t like how Nany moved, which is why she targeted her in the house.

The Real World: Las Vegas star wanted to put the past behind them and move on, but Theresa noted she still felt Nany didn’t “respect” herself and has no interest in becoming friends with her.

Although annoyed, Nany seemingly understood and ended it at that.

They didn’t argue during ‘Double Agents’; González explains why

After Battle of the Exes II, Theresa stepped away from the show as she married professional football player T.J. Jones and started a family. However, she returned 10 seasons later for Double Agents, paired with Jay Starrett, seeking her first win.

Although the two seemingly didn’t speak in the house, Nany quickly exposed Theresa’s flip-flopping game as she believed the veteran played both sides of the house. Other competitors Kam Williams and Lolo Jones also took notice, leading to the latter confronting Theresa over her tactics.

Following Theresa’s elimination, Nany went live on Instagram to talk to her fans. One person asked why she and her former rival didn’t butt heads during the season, and the 10-time competitor simply explained they don’t care anymore.

After six years of not seeing each other, they’re no longer concerned about their “beef.” While many fans are happy the women could squash their differences and move on; they noted they would have liked to see the resolution. The Challenge 36: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7 Central on MTV.

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