The Chase fans distracted by hunky player as his eccentric shirt steals show

The Chase viewers were left very distracted as player Henry took up the first spot during Tuesday's edition of the hit TV show.

Whilst many fans commented on his good looks, others noticed his fashionable patterned shirt, which he had unbuttoned for his time in front of the camera.

He opted for a black and orange shirt with an unusual pattern emblazoned all over the material, and had unbuttoned the shirt down to his chest.

As Henry narrowly made it into the final against Jenny Ryan, aka The Vixen, they took to social media to comment on his eccentric choice of shirt.

One posted: "Well henry is a bit of alright."

Another added: "So handsome."

A third cheekily asked: "Can someone pass on my details to Henry please on tonight's episode?"

A fourth swiped: "Nice blouse Henry."

A fifth said: "Henry – if you grow a moustache to go with that shirt, you could be a stunt-double in a Swedish 70's pornflick!!

A sixth swiped: "Why is Henry wearing 70's flock wallpaper from a Berni Inn?"

Meanwhile, all four players managed to make it into the final with £20k – playing for £5,000 each.

They managed to rack up an impressive 29 points, certainly setting the bar high for The Vixen.

Henry isn't the only contestant to have sent viewers wild in recent weeks, as stunning player Pepe took on Anne Hegerty on Monday night and completely stole the show.

The gorgeous brunette learning support assistant managed to make £3,000 in her cash builder, but took the low offer of £1,000 to try and get into the final.

However, the move didn't pay off and Pepe failed to make it into the final round, leaving her fellow players Clare and Dominic against Anne.

The Governess managed to beat them with only seconds left, making for a very tense final round.

The Chase continues tomorrow at 5pm on ITV.

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