The Chase's Bradley Walsh silenced by Anne Hegerty as she tells him 'you're dead' after cheeky dig

THE Chase's Anne Hegerty had some harsh words for Bradley Walsh after he cheekily compared her to Godzilla.

Host Brad always likes to poke fun at the quizzers, but he might have taken his banter a step too far in yesterday's show.

Contestant David racked up an impressive eight grand in his cash builder round, before coming up against a fired up Anne.

Bradley asked him which of the Chasers he'd like to face, saying: "How about The Governess with movie star looks. Have you seen Godzilla?"

Knowing he'd pushed his luck, he added: "If it's Anne I'm in big trouble."

When a stern-faced Anne walked out, Bradley began backtracking.

He said: "Listen, I've got to say, your highness, I didn't…"

But in no mood to hear his excuses, Anne interrupted: "You're dead."

Viewers were amused by the exchange, with one writing on Twitter: "@BradleyWalsh or is it the Governess, Movie Star looks, You seen Godzilla. On walks Ann..!"

The night before, fans got so see another side of the quiz geniuses in an episode of their spin-off show.

Mark 'The Beast' Labbett, Anne, and Shaun 'Dark Destroyer' Wallace toured Britain in The Chasers Road Trip.

Stripped of their scary personas familiar to viewers of The Chase, the trio seemed very different – if much more human.

I'm A Celeb star Anne, 62, looked vastly more sunny than she does on the show with a head of bouncy blonde hair.

And Shaun, 60, traded in his usual dark suit for a series of tight tops that showed off his frankly incredible biceps.

Viewers even got a look at some of the tattoos on his upper arms as the Londoner settled into a hotel in the capital.

Mark, 55, who is prone to bouts of big-headedness on The Chase, continued that last night, referring to himself as a "genius" after clocking up an IQ score of 151.

However, he also spoke touchingly about his three-year-son son with ex Katie.

He also showed a hitherto-unseen talent for swearing when the production team tried to make the trio check into a camping site.

The star, who admits to being a "competitive egomaniac", immediately called his agent and refused to do it.

Mark then unleashed a tirade of words that had to be bleeped in a bid to make the footage being filmed unusable, roaring: "Take us back to civilisation right f***ing now."

Anne admitted to her followers on Twitter to also having what she called a "diva strop" over the situation.

She wrote: "So, it's quite possible that the campsite was actually extremely nice (I have since been told that it was). However, we had been promised a) a hotel, b) no more surprises. Ergo diva strop."



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