The Chase’s Paul Sinha wouldn’t reach out to Bradley Walsh for advice on hosting new show

Paul Sinha’s TV Showdown: Paul Sinha opens show

After 10 years on the telly as a Chaser, Paul Sinha got his own quiz show with ITV. Paul Sinha’s TV Showdown puts two teams of celebs, captained by Rob Beckett and Fay Ripley, against each other to prove who knows more about everything and anything TV.

This year marks Sinha’s 10th anniversary as one of The Chase’s top quiz masters.

He joined the show back in 2011 as the fourth Chaser and has been nicknamed The Sinnerman, The Smiling Assassin and Sarcasm in a Suit.

Now he is getting a chance to present his own show, with ITV’s newest Saturday night trivia series.

Speaking of being given his own series, Sinha, who started off as a comedian as well as a quiz master, said “when I first walked into the studio and saw my name in lights, I couldn’t quite believe what I was seeing”.

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However, Sinha also admitted he didn’t think of reaching out to The Chase presenter Walsh for advice on hosting his own shows.

“In many ways, I’m kind of glad,” he remarked.

“Bradley is the absolute king. I think it’s very important to try and forge your own path.

“I’m aware that sometimes if you’re trying to be somebody else, you end up saying words that just don’t sound like your voice,” he added.

The Chase: Paul Sinha jokes about contestant’s name

“For better or worse, I want to be Paul Sinha, I don’t want to be Bradley Walsh,” he continued to Radio Times.

“Bradley Walsh is the king of what he does because he’s Bradley Walsh.

“Hopefully I’ll bring something slightly different.”

Sinha added: “I think you can be inspired by the best, but if you try to imitate the best, you might end up falling disappointedly short.”

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Paul Sinha’s TV Showdown will see the Chaser quiz the likes of Emilia Fox, Melvin Odoom, Laura Whitmore, Shirley Ballas and Roman Kemp on their TV trivia.

Reception of the show so far has been mixed.

After the first episode premiered, one viewer went to Twitter to say: “Dear god #TVShowdown is dire. It’s not Paul Sinha’s gig at all.. lockdown TV at its worst.”

Another one chimed in to say: “Paul Sinha’s TV Showdown… awful!”

Others however disagreed, with one fan saying: “Oh my goodness. I loved Paul Sinha’s TV Showdown. I cannot wait for Emilia Fox’s appearance now.”

“@paulsinha loved your show #TVShowdown last night, something refreshing can’t wait for the next one,” said another. 

A further one added: “@paulsinha omg, just watched TV showdown. My stomach still hurts I was laughing so much 10/10 would recommend!!!”

Sinha himself took to Twitter to reply to viewers comments posting a tweet which read: “Everyone starts somewhere.”

Paul Sinha’s TV Showdown airs Saturday 9th January at 10pm on ITV.

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