The Good Place star hints at surprising Parks and Recreation cameo

The Good Place‘s D’Arcy Carden has uploaded a beard-stroker of an image onto social media, hinting at a potential Parks and Recreation crossover.

However, it’s probably not what fans would expect at all. You can kiss any visions of Ron Swanson’s moustached face goodbye, that’s for sure.

Posting on her Twitter account, Carden can be seen with a pony which is identical to the superstar horse Parks and Rec fans will know as Li’l Sebastian. His presence on the set of The Good Place would make pretty good sense, considering he sadly passed away on the comedy series.

To add to this amazing scenario, it’s previously been confirmed that the two shows exist in a shared universe.

Carden’s activity has resurfaced old feelings for the beloved hoofed character, with a bunch of fans responding to her tweet.

Chatting with Metro recently, The Good Place‘s Manny Jacinto – who portrays the lovable Jason Mendoza – revealed his hopes that the shared universe would come to literal fruition.

“I honestly would be so excited for something like that to happen. I can’t say if it will or it won’t but also, I don’t know! I can’t say anything!” he said.

“Let’s put that out there into the world and hopefully see that something like that could happen, because that would be amazing if we could pull that off.”

Whether or not that includes a pair of hooves, we’re down for it.

The Good Place airs on NBC in the US and can be watched on Netflix in the UK.

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