The Good Place Video: Janet Finds a New Way to Keep Tabs on the Humans

The Good Place‘s Michael and Janet are now back on Earth, and stripped of their supernatural powers. So how can they keep an eye on Eleanor and company?

We get our answer in TVLine’s exclusive sneak peek at Thursday’s episode (NBC, 8:30/7:30c), which finds Michael and Janet hiding out in an abandoned department of Chidi’s university — the journalism department, as it turns out. (“Bad for the world,” Michael notes. “Good for us!”) Michael says they need to keep Eleanor, Chidi, Jason and Tahani together and also keep track of their ethical progress, but without Janet’s powers or the afterlife ticker, he’s stumped as to how exactly to proceed.

Janet, as usual, has the answer: She went ahead and installed cameras and microphones in Chidi’s study room, so they can monitor everything the humans do and say. Hmmm… maybe not the most ethically advisable decision, strictly speaking, but Janet is excited about invading their privacy. “Let’s get peepin’!” she exclaims.

Elsewhere in Thursday’s episode, titled “The Snowplow,” “a surprising announcement from the humans threatens to dissolve the group,” per the official description. Uh-oh.

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