The Mandalorian fans horrified as Baby Yoda eats alien's babies – but does this theory explain why he did it?

THE Mandalorian fans have been left horrified after Baby Yoda ate Frog Lady's eggs – but one theory could explain why he did it.

The second episode of season two saw Mando (Pedro Pascal) and The Child – aka Baby Yoda – escort the 'Frog Lady' and her harvested eggs to a safer planet.

However, Baby Yoda couldn't resist sneaking over to the portable tank she was carrying the unfertilized eggs in, popping it open, and eating some.

Mando had to tell Baby Yoda off on a number of occasions for eating more of the eggs, but the cheeky chap took no notice, much to viewers' horror.

Taking to Twitter, fans shared their shock at Baby Yoda's behaviour, with one writing: "I think this episode was the only time I ever felt kinda angry at the child when he kept eating the frog ladies eggs."

Another added: "This last episode of #TheMandalorian was just kind of a distressing mess. Those eggs were precious to her and Baby Yoda continually eating them just … wasn’t funny. Also, where is the story?"

A third tweeted: "I really liked the latest episode of #TheMandalorian but I really did not enjoy #BabyYoda eating Mrs Frog’s eggs being played off as a recurring joke. Expressionless face It was pretty insensitive imo."

However, Slash Film writer Peter Sciretta offered a theory as to why Baby Yoda kept eating the eggs, and it wasn't just because he was a hungry little tot.

He wrote on Twitter: "I know some of you are disturbed by Baby Yoda eating Frog Lady’s eggs.

"In our live chat someone posed a fun theory: her tank & eggs will be destroyed and the Child will regurgitate the eggs David Blaine-style as it turned out he wasn’t really eating them but protecting them."

Other viewers didn't get what all the fuss was about and thought it was another example of Baby Yoda's cute, child-like behaviour and not realising the consequences of his actions.

One fan wrote on Twitter: "Idk why people are all pissy about #BabyYoda eating those eggs. Based on #TheMandalorian’s own logic they aren’t fertilized. No one gets upset when we eat omelets. Additionally, he’s a toddler. You can’t control toddlers."

Another tweeted: "Baby Yoda eating the eggs is the cutest things ever, and also crazy Bc they’re almost running out of eggs."

A third added: "The Chid eating the "frog" woman's eggs was funny. That's it, it's not controversial, why people are making it so is dumbfounding. Do we really want to go down the road of scrutiny in the @StarWars universe? Everyone seriously needs to the lighten the hell up."

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