The Repair Shop’s Will Kirk explains why BBC series is a hit: ‘Something for everyone’

Will Kirk on what makes The Repair Shop so popular

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The Repair Shop’s Will Kirk sat on the sofa and chatted to a delighted Lorraine to discuss the huge popularity of the show, which has made him and Jay Blades MBE household names. Will, 37, believes a universal appeal and family bond in the barn is the reason why millions have tuned in and perhaps even shed a tear since its first episode aired in 2017. The businessman also described the mix of making people smile and honing his craft, is the perfect combination.

Alongside show host Jay Blades MBE, Will Kirk has made millions of people smile and cry through his masterful restorations made from The Repair Shop barn.

Fan of the show, Lorraine Kelly was clearly delighted to have Will on the sofa and asked him about what makes the show so popular.

The presenter beamed: “It must be so fantastic. For us watching it’s wonderful, but the emotion in the barn when you’re all there and you’ve worked so so hard to make it as perfect as you can.

“Then to see people’s faces, it’s just like wow, they just light up don’t they?” Lorraine continued.

The woodwork expert explained how a variety of people are invested in the BBC hit series, which is why it’s adored by so many across the world.

He replied: “It’s a hit with so many different people, for people who have an office job, who might think at the weekend and think I’ll go to my shed and tinker away at things.

“There’s something for everyone in this, if you like the history of furniture or the stories and everything else or just the fix.

“There really is something for everyone and that’s why I think it’s worked so well.”

The Scottish host, 62, moved on to discuss the importance of the show’s values in becoming a less wasteful population.

Lorraine commented: “What I love about it as well is watching you – all of you – doing something so beautifully and so perfectly and so well.

“We do live in a society where we throw too much away, we do.

“So it’s lovely to see things lovingly restored like that, it’s good for the soul.”


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Will explained the tight bond present in the barn during the show is an important factor behind the show’s success too.

The craftsman replied: “It’s a strange world because we all are like a big family in the barn.”

He continued: “We get these lovely people coming in and you listen to their stories and then you’re fixing their furniture – there’s so much going on and you really want to do a good job.”

His passion for the role was evident, as he declared to Lorraine: “I love what I do so to be able to do what I love and to make people smile, is a bonus.”

In the latest episode of The Repair Shop, Will shared his touching story of how he carved a career out of woodwork.

The talented furniture fixer used the inheritance after his father passed away to set up his own furniture repair business.

However, after a difficult first year he was unable to make any money, until he fixed some furniture for a TV production company.

Fortunately, the production company in question was looking for a restoration expert for a new TV show called The Repair Shop, since then he’s been able to make people smile doing what he loves.

The Repair Shop season 10 is available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

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