The Sinner season 3 ending explained: What happened at the end of The Sinner series 3?

The Sinner: Bill Pullman stars in season three trailer

The Sinner season three is on Netflix and Detective Harry Ambrose (played by Bill Pullman) returned for another instalment of the anthology. The third season, called Jamie, has already aired on USA Network. has everything you need to know about what happened at the end of The Sinner season three and what to expect from season four.

WARNING: This story contains spoilers for The Sinner season 3

What happened at the end of The Sinner season 3?

Season three starts with Harry Ambrose being called to the scene of a car accident, in which the driver was killed.

The driver was identified as Nick Haas (Chris Messina) an old college friend of Jamie Burns (Matt Bomer) who was a passenger in the car at the time.

Jamie felt uncomfortable when Nick had visited him and his wife Leela (Parisa Fitz-Henley) and it was later revealed Jamie had intentionally caused the accident to prevent Nick visiting the house.

Jamie had delayed calling for help as he hoped the secret would be buried with Nick, but Harry and Detective Vic Soto (Eddie Martinez) make it their mission to find out more.

Harry has a bad feeling about Jamie’s statement and evidence is found of Jamie and Nick meeting a couple of weeks before the incident.

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The detectives find out Jamie’s attitude changed after meeting with Nick, and they start questioning Jamie’s friends about what he was like.

Harry tries to take Jamie for a psychological evaluation, but Jamie feels he is being forced to confess and manages to escape.

The detectives keep a close eye on Jamie in New York, where he meets an old school friend called Sophie (Ella Rae Peck).

Sophie introduced him to a medium called Kyle (Michael Braun), who tells Jamie that Nick is still a part of him.

Surprisingly the next day, Harry is called to the scene of Kyle’s murder, as Jamie had bludgeoned him to death.

Eventually, Jamie confesses to his wife that he killed Kyle and she is shocked at the man he has become.

With Jamie turning even more psychotic, he buries Ambrose in the woods for eight hours before digging him up and taking him to his cabin.

As part of a deal Harry burns a written confession from Jamie and Jamie believes the pair are now mentally connected.

All the while Harry had been recording the conversation on his phone and Harry asks Vic to arrest Jamie for Nick’s death.

However, the judges release Jamie due to the nature of the investigation but Leela later reports his confession of Kyle’s murder.

Now his secret is out, Jamie stalks and kills Harry’s boss, with the intention of killing everyone close to Ambrose.


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Jamie says goodbye to Leela as he knows it is the last time they will see each other, and he heads to Ambrose’s home to kidnap his grandson Eli (Luke David Blumm).

Eli manages to escape and Jamie continues to threaten Ambrose, saying Ambrose has become even more like him.

But after being taunted for so long Ambrose shoots Jamie, but instantly regrets what he has done as there were no medics around to help.

Feeling sorry for Jamie, Ambrose reassures him he is not on his own and he holds his hand as Jamie dies.

Even months after the incident Ambrose remains haunted by what happened, and he admits Jamie was scared in his final moments of life.

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The series was based on the novel of the same name by Petra Hammesfahr, and it has been described as a ‘close-ended series’.

A fourth season has been given the green light, so fans can expect more from USA Network in the not-too-distant future.

Fans have already taken to Twitter to share their thoughts on season three, with one fan saying: “Note to self. Don’t watch #TheSinner before bed.

“Light switched off but was convinced there was someone in the corner staring at me.”

Another fan said: “Just had a panic attack watching The Sinner because someone got buried alive and that’s my worst fear.”

The Sinner season 3 is available to watch on Netflix now

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