'The View': Sunny Hostin Calls Hannity's Vaccination Endorsement 'Too Little, Too Late'

“It only took Sean Hannity over 600,000 deaths to get on board,” Hostin says


The hosts of “The View” are pleasantly surprised to see this week’s influx of Fox News hosts encouraging their viewers to get vaccinated. But for Sunny Hostin, their words — specifically, Sean Hannity’s — should’ve come much sooner.

On Monday night, Hannity vehemently endorsed the COVID-19 vaccine for his audience, saying on air, “I can’t say it enough. Enough people have died. We don’t need any more death.” And it was that point that particularly irked Hostin.

“It only took Sean Hannity over 600,000 deaths to get on board and advise his many, many millions of viewers to finally get vaccinated. I think it’s too little, too late,” Hostin said on Tuesday’s episode of “The View.”

Meanwhile, Joy Behar wondered about the timing of Hannity and his colleagues’ remarks.

“It’s interesting to me that Steve Doocy and [Sean] Hannity have now come out to take the vaccines. Are they getting some kind of stock in Pfizer? What is provoking this, I’d like to know, all of a sudden?” Behar asked.

Fox News did not respond to TheWrap’s request for comment on the surge in vaccine encouragement.

In response to her co-hosts, Meghan McCain once again doubled down on her defense of Fox News and the Republican party.

“This isn’t political, and it shouldn’t be political. Again, it is not just Fox News,” McCain said. “I think maybe I’m not being clear. Thirty-nine percent of the Bronx is unvaccinated, as compared to much higher rates in other burrows. As I said, in New York City, a third of hospital workers are not vaccinated. There’s all these demographics and all these statistics about different portions of our population in different areas that go along lines of racially, socioeconomically — this isn’t just simply a Republican problem.”

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