The X Factor's One Direction mini reunion had viewers screaming with joy as Louis Tomlinson was joined by Liam Payne

Saturday’s (October 13) episode of The X Factor brought back together two members of One Direction, as Liam Payne guest judged for Louis Tomlinson.

Music industry legend Nile Rodgers was also on hand to assess the Boys group in Ibiza, but it was the two “old friends” who completely stole the show.

As Louis and Liam shared a warm embrace, the Twittersphere exploded with love for the pair.

Check out some of the many heartfelt reactions below:

Aside from the heavy One Direction nostalgia running through tonight’s show, Nile also shared a touching message with singer Anthony Russell regarding “hitting the high notes”.

The Chic band member harked back to the time he collaborated with David Bowie on track ‘Let’s Dance’, where The Thin White Duke wanted to change an imperfect vocal segment.

Meanwhile, Liam has previously hinted at a near-future official reunion for 1D, revealing: “It’s amazing that we’re doing our own thing and then, hopefully one day soon, we get back together and have another great time of it, who knows?”

Following tonight’s hype, maybe that reunion will be fast-tracked…

Louis’s choice of guest judges proved much more popular than Robbie’s, with many viewers questioning comedian David Walliams’ creditentials to judge a music contest. Even David’s hilarious entrance – involving backing dancers and very short shorts – couldn’t win some fans over…

The X Factor continues tomorrow (October 14) on ITV.

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