This How Far Is Tattoo Far? Trash can tattoo is AWKWARD!

How Far Is Tattoo Far? kicked off last week on MTV and it’s already a breakout hit. That’s partly thanks to one of the first pairs of people to get their tattoos on the show — in what turned out to be post-relationship revenge.

One of them chose for her former girlfriend to receive a trash can tattoo, which sounds bad enough.

But the reason behind it and the placement of the tattoo made it one of the most shocking and just plain mean tattoos that could have possibly been dealt.

It all went down when two women who used to date decided to come on the show and pick out tattoos for each other. This wasn’t an effort to win anyone back though. Instead, it was a way to finally communicate things about each other that had bothered them during their relationship.

For one of the two women, it was the other woman’s body odor. When hosts Nico Tortorelli and Snooki Polizzi revealed the tattoo she had given her former flame representing that, fans were shocked.

It was on the woman’s upper thigh, and featured a smelly trash can along with a character in the likeness of herself pinching her nose shut.

The woman who chose the tattoo then told her ex: “There were times when we were getting intimate, but you had body odour that I was just like, you know, I don’t know if I could pursue you on that level.”

Asked why she had chosen to put it on the upper thigh, she added: “As a woman, that’s kind of where a lot of your body odour is.”

Despite the foul tattoo, the woman who received it didn’t get upset and just said that she had “not had that complaint before”. She also got her own back by giving her ex a tattoo of an octopus with a vagina for a head, along with the phase “loose lips sink ships” inked above it.

— How Far Is Tattoo Far? (@MTV_TattooFar) October 15, 2018

The artist behind the trash can tattoo was someone TV fans may be familiar with — Tiffany, who used to battle with Sky on Black Ink Crew.

And while the tattoo itself is pretty mean, it could also be argued that the execution and attention to detail are both impressive.

Will there be another tattoo on this season of How Far Is Tattoo Far? that will be as offensive as the trash can tattoo?

How Far Is Tattoo Far? airs on Thursdays at 9/8c on MTV. 

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