This Morning host gasps as guest admits ‘I eat 2-3 rolls of toilet paper a day’

This Morning: Woman ‘can’t stop eating toilet paper’

Kinah Moore admitted to Josie Gibson and Rochelle Humes that prior to becoming pregnant she could consume up to 1,000 sheets of toilet paper a day, leaving both hosts horrified.

The This Morning guest had Pica, which is “a feeding disorder in which someone eats non-food substances that have no nutritional value”.

She explained the condition began when she was eight-years-old and started with baking soda and baking powder.

“One day, I don’t know what possessed me to try toilet paper,” Kinah recalled.

She added the “baking soda dissolved too fast and the toilet paper sticks,” which is why she prefers it.

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Asked by Josie if it was a craving for the paper which led to her eating it, Kinah replied: “I believe it was a craving because I used to crave a bunch of different things.

“I don’t know it was just a craving I had and everything else just dissolved too fast. It was like a cotton candy that doesn’t melt.”

She continued: “It tastes really good. You have to try it to understand where I’m coming from.”

Kinah explained the disorder hasn’t caused her any health complications yet but “if I eat too much I will be full for hours at a time”.

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In the This Morning studio, Dr Sara explained Pica could be harmful and even require surgical intervention.

“People will eat harmless things like ice,” she explained, referencing how some pregnant woman get that particular craving.

However, she added: “But for some they will consume things which are more harmful or toxic and it doesn’t get revealed until they have medical issues.

“It can lead to stomach pains and in severe cases require surgical intervention.”

Asked how much she would consume a day, Kinah revealed she is pregnant so “I’ve cut back a lot”.

“If I get a bad craving I will chew it up and spit it out,” she shared. “I take as many iron supplements as I can.

“I cut back a lot since the baby and it hurts my heart because I want it so much.”

But she admitted: “Prior to the baby, one a good day, I get my 1000 sheets, I will look up and I’ll be 2-3 rolls in. It can get pretty excessive.”

Josie appeared horrified by the admission as Dr Sara reaffirmed Pica could be incredibly harmful.

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