Tipping Point fans baffled as Ben Shephard ‘missing’ in schedule shake-up

Tipping Point fans were confused when they tuned in to watch the show at the usual time of 4pm – only to find Tenable on their screens.

Ben Shephard – and the Tipping Point studio – were nowhere to be seen, with the episode airing 35 minutes later than usual.

Spectators couldn't believe it when they tuned in at the usual time only to find that the counter falling game had been delayed to another time.

However, as Monday was a Bank Holiday, schedule times had been rearranged across the board to accommodate the airing of festive favourites.

Confused by Ben's absence, fans wasted no time at all with flocking to Twitter in their masses to air their disappointment.

One tweet read: "Who said they could push #tippingpoint back by 35 mins though?"

A second added: "My Ying and Yang is all t**s up after they moved #tippingpoint."

Another used an emoji to show that they were fed up of waiting, which displayed a young boy frantically tapping his hand and looking rather bored.

While a fourth angry fan simply wrote "Hey #tippingpoint," after realising they'd been bamboozled and the show had been pushed back to the later time.

Needless to say, the show did go ahead, 35 minutes later than most fans had expected.

Today, Ben was joined by Christina, Linda and Sam who all went head-to-head in a bid to push the mighty jackpot counter over the edge.

In spite of answering lots of questions correctly, Linda didn't seem to have much luck in scoring silver counters.

Sadly for Linda, she was no match for Christina and Sam and left the competition first after her rivals quickly banked more money.

Sam and Christina battled it out to feature in the final round and the pair were very evenly matched at one point.

However when faced with the question: "Which spirit is mixed with tomato juice to make a 'Bloody Maria' cocktail?," it was Christina who rose to the challenge.

Answering "Tequila" correctly, Christina was successfully the last player standing.

Tipping Point airs on weekdays at 4pm on ITV.

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