Tom Daley’s appearance distracts The One Show fans

The One Show: Tom Daley makes his presenting debut

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On Monday’s instalment of BBC’s The One Show, hosts Alex Jones and Ronan Keating were joined by singer Adam Lambert and Olympian Tom Daley. Although it was Tom, who seemed to steal the show as viewers couldn’t get past what he was wearing.

Introducing both men onto the sofa, hosts Alex and Ronan were quick to speak about Tom’s knitting that was uncovered during the Tokoyo Olympics in 2020.

With his hobby being the driving force behind his new podcast, Made With Love, the Olympic diver will be speaking to a celebrity guest each week to learn how they’ve turned their passion into a purpose.

Joining him on the sofa was Queen frontman Adam Lambert who wore a black leather blazer with flared trousers to match and a yellow netted top underneath.

Whereas Tom opted for a more understated look with a white t-shirt under a denim jacket with printed jeans to match.

Although the 28-year-old’s outfit choice had The One Show viewers taken back as many thought the matching top and bottoms resembled pyjamas.

Taking to Twitter, social media user Phoenix6413 commented: “Just looked up at the telly and saw @TomDaley1994 on The One Show and I thought he was wearing his pyjamas.”

Ronan367 tweeted: “I first thought Tom was in his pyjamas.”

Lulubeelu swiped: “Tom Daley in his Jimmy Jams and Adam Lambert just looking daft. #TheOneShow”

Ian_Butler added: “Must be well past Tom Daley’s bedtime – he’s come in his pyjamas! #TheOneShow”

Mr_XYY questioned: “Why is tom in his PJs?”

Whizzbit21 tweeted: “Tom Daley is taking swimming so seriously, he’s even wearing his life-saving PJs on TV”

During the interview, the diver spoke more about his podcast which was released at the end of February.

Explaining what viewers could expect, the Olympian said: “With knitting, I found a second passion in life.

“It’s all about speaking with people about the thing they love, the thing they love to do, their passions and how they made that thing that they do every day.

“It’s been really interesting to hear so many different people’s thoughts on what it was they thought they were passionate about when they were younger and how they translated that into a business and the thing that they’re able to do every single day and never feel like work.”

Tom first become a household name when he made his diving debut at the Olympics at the early age of 14.

However, it wasn’t until the fourth games that he took home the Gold medal alongside Matty Lee.

With the upcoming Olympic games being held in Paris next year, host Ronan Keating asked whether or not he’d be competing.

Tom replied: “There have been lots of things that I’ve been toying with, it’s been really nice to step away for a little bit and spend more time with my family and explore other opportunities.

“We’ll see, we’ll have to wait and see, no decisions yet. I have to make a decision in the next couple of months so we’ll see.”

The One Show continues weekdays on BBC One from 7pm

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