'Torchwood': How Tall Is Eve Myles?

Torchwood is a popular spinoff of the cult-classic TV show Doctor Who, and a series that has earned considerable acclaim in its own right. Although Torchwood has been off the air for more than 10 years now, for many fans, the love that they have for The BBC series is as strong as it ever was.

The show featured a number of talented actors over the years, but one particular fan favorite was Eve Myles, who portrayed Gwen Cooper. Myles, an actress who has been in many projects, is still hard at work on BBC television to this day — but for so many diehard Torchwood fans, her role in the iconic television series remains her best-loved to date. 

Eve Myles has acted in a variety of BBC shows

Eve Myles was born in 1978, and from an early age, she developed a strong interest in sports like boxing. She eventually gave up her pursuit of the sport when she broke a knuckle punching a wet sandbag. Myles finally decided on a career in entertainment and went on to attend the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in acting in 2000.

Her acting career began immediately after her graduation, with roles in BBC television dramas as well as in a variety of stage productions. Her work as Ceri Lewis in the long-running series Belonging earned her critical acclaim, and she appeared on the show for nine years, appearing in a total of 85 episodes. In 2006, while she was still acting in the series Belonging, Myles was cast in Torchwood — a show that ended up making her a major star. 

How tall is Eve Myles?

Eve Myles casts a long shadow in the world of BBC television dramas. However, in real life, Myles stands about 5’6, slightly above the average height for women. In her personal life, Myles tends to stay out of the spotlight and avoids drama whenever possible. The actress is married to fellow actor Bradley Freegard. The two first met in 1994 and were married in 2013. They share two daughters, one born in 2009, prior to their marriage, and the youngest born in 2014, a year after their wedding. 

Eve Myles played Gwen Cooper in ‘Torchwood’

In short order, Eve Myles became a star after Torchwood started airing in 2006. The actor played Gwen Cooper, a South Wales Police officer who discovers the mysterious Torchwood Institute. As she helps her team dive deep into supernatural research, Gwen goes through a number of major character progressions, evolving from a “girl next door” type to a more militant professional, determined to do what it takes to solve the case — and to keep her team safe.

Not only did Myles’ work as Gwen Cooper help Torchwood to become immensely popular with fans, but it established her as a talented actress who is capable of playing any character. She acted on the show until 2011 when it went off the air. Myles remained busy in the years that followed, acting in TV shows such as Broadchurch, Keeping Faith, Cold Feet, and We Hunt Together.

Although she primarily acts in British shows, Myles has earned a cult following in America, with many fans following her career with great interest. At the young age of 42, Myles has a lengthy career ahead of her — and the talent to do whatever project she takes a fancy to.

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