Ulrika Jonsson hits back at troll and calls him 'a c***' after he tells her to ‘stop whinging’

ULRIKA Jonsson furiously hit back at a troll who messaged her demanding she "stop whinging".

The TV star, 53, called out its author on her Instagram story before putting him in his place.

Without referring to a specific incident, the man called Nick wrote: "You had everything stop whinging wake up tomorrow morning make your self a coffee sit on your own for a good hour pick the good things out from your past stop thinking about money and s**t you no nothing have you ever smoked dockers out of an ash tray been absolutely penniless no I don't think so so pick yourself up and move on."

Ulrika shared his criticism, and responded: "It actually doesn't happen often so I'm [blessed].

"But some people are #c***s. Sorry if that breaks the rules But seriously mental health has NO F*****G BOUNDARIES."

Last week Ulrika revealed her "tears keep on falling" in the wake of her dog Nessie's sudden death.

The heartbroken presenter's bulldog died after being rushed to the vets with kidney failure, leaving Ulrika "bereft".

Taking to Instagram, Ulrika first shared a picture with her daughter Martha, who did her makeup in a bid to cheer her up.

Posting a photo of them mid-beauty transformation, she wrote: "when the ungrateful wants to do your make-up because you're still mourning."

The Shooting Stars panellist then uploaded a selfie of her sporting smokey-eye make-up while resting her head on a yellow cushion.

Despite her smile, Ulrika admitted in the caption: "Tears keep on falling but there are lovely moments in between."

Ulrika has been working on British TV since the late 80s and has hosted some of the biggest TV shows in the UK.

She has previously revealed how her dogs helped her greatly with her depression.

"I couldn’t live without them. I centre my life around the children and the dogs. They’ve been very good for my depression because they’re such excellent company (now I really do sound mad…)," Ulrika told Pets Pyjamas.

"But going for daily walks helps me tremendously. Not only does it get me out of the house but you invariably meet other dog owners who are – as a general rule – very nice."


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