Video: Gilmore Reunion on The Resident Is a Matter of Life and Death (Brigade)

All together now: In omnia paratus!

The Resident will stage a Gilmore Girls reunion on Monday’s episode, when Matt Czuchry’s Conrad treats a patient played by Tanc Sade, who portrayed Life and Death Brigade member Finn in the beloved WB/CW dramedy.

As seen in the exclusive clip above, Sade — who trades his Aussie accent for an American one in the episode — appears as Josh Robinson, a risk-taking adventure guide who comes to Chastain Park after a stampede at a music festival leaves dozens of people injured.

At first, Josh proudly shows off the scars he’s gotten from his years of thrill-seeking, including dangerous stints in New Zealand, Morocco and Zambia. (“Someone knows how to use their vacation time,” Conrad quips, though I can’t help but think Czuchry’s Gilmore character, Logan, would be BFFs with this adrenaline junkie.)

But when Conrad and Nic begin to dig deeper into Josh’s background, there’s something about his story that doesn’t quite add up.

The Resident, which was recently picked up for a full second season, airs Mondays at 8/7c on Fox. Press PLAY on the video above to watch our sneak peek, then drop a comment below with your thoughts.

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