‘Vikings’: Why the Death of Bjorn’s Daughter Siggy Angers Fans so Much

Bjorn Ironside (Alexander Ludwig) had a daughter named Siggy by Porunn (Gaia Weiss) on the hit series Vikings. Her death could have easily been prevented had someone been properly caring for her. Read on to learn why the death of Siggy angers fans so much.

Bjorn and Porunn have a child together that they name Siggy

After Porunn is left scarred on her face in battle, shefalls into a deep depression. She has the child, although she clearly doesn’twant to care for her. She tries to get Aslaug (Alyssa Sutherland) to take careof her instead, but Aslaug insists the child needs her mother.

Viewers later learn that while Bjorn is away raiding, Porunnleft her child behind and she was never heard from again. Aslaug insists thatshe’ll take care of Siggy, since Bjorn doesn’t seem too inclined to do sohimself. It’s later implied that no one is really taking care of Siggy, and she’slater found dead in a stream. Aslaug doesn’t seem to care when she is greeted withthe news.

Why the death of Bjorn’s daughter Siggy angers fans so much

Fans are known to make comments about how the whole death ofSiggy went down. It angers fans that Bjorn Ironside doesn’t seem to care and neitherdoes anyone else. It was something that was quickly brushed over like it wasnothing.

“Why was Bjorn’s daughter never spoken about after herdeath? How would Bjorn just allow Siggy’s death to go unquestioned or answered?”a fan askedon Reddit.



Many users were confused as to why the situation was never talked of again like it was nothing. Bjorn had the potential to be a good father to Siggy, but he let the opportunity slip by.

“It’s one of those things that isn’t addressed on-screen and you’re to assume that he was told, mourned the loss, moved on,” a Reddit user explained. “He was so devastated by Porunn leaving that he never got close to his daughter, so it’s just been assumed that he probably didn’t take it as hard as Ragnar took Gyda’s passing.”

She was a reminder of his wife who left

Another fan doesn’t think Bjorn ever wanted to raise Siggyon his own. She was a reminder of the woman he lost, and it’s sad to see how hechose to react to the situation.

“He didn’t even wanna raise her himself so I’m not sure hewould be very upset,” another user wrote. “His daughter is just a reminder ofhis wife who left. I think he’d be relieved and that’s my least favorite aspectof Bjorn’s character but it’s the impression I get of him.”

Bjorn disappoints fans by his reaction to Siggy’s death

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One fan says Bjorn’s “indifference” to his daughter’s lossof life is a “disappointment.” You would assume with the way Bjorn alwaystreated his mother that he’d be an excellent father, but that couldn’t befurther from the truth in this case.

“Bjorn’s indifference towards baby Siggy was such adisappointment to his character. S1-S2 Bjorn was always so protective ofLagertha and watching out for her. It used to make me think that he would growup to respect his future wife and daughter(s) because of his love toward hisown mother,” a Reddit user explained. “Bjorn loved Porunn, and seeing how proudhe was when Siggy was born and naming his own child after Siggy herself, tothen just neglect his daughter in every way after Porunn left. It was hard forme to look at Bjorn the same way.”

Fans are still angry about the death of Bjorn’s daughterSiggy. Many see Bjorn in a different light after his reaction to her death.

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