What happened in episode one of The Falcon and Winter Soldier?

PACKED with action, new TV mini-series The Falcon and Winter Soldier debuts today on Disney Plus.

With their return to the Marvel universe, The Falcon and Winter Soldier go global as they look to snuff out crime in every dark corner of the world.

High Flying Falcon

The show kicks off after Marvel's Avengers: Endgame, where Falcon was passed the torch of Captain America's iconic shield, taking over as U.S resident good guy, working with the military.

His current mission? Tracking down the notorious Georges Batorc, played by Georges St-Pierre as well as the terrorist group LAF ,who have hijacked a plane carrying aU.S. soldier.

Falcon succeeds in the rescue mission, returning to new character Lieutenant Torres, played by Danny Ramirez, who warns Falcon of the new anarchist group: The Flag Smashers.

Bucky's Back

The first time we see The Winter Soldier (Bucky Barnes) he's back with Hydra, the evil organization that brainwashed him.

We watch as Bucky kills an innocent bystander and… it was all a dream. Well, a flashback, a recurring nightmare he's discussing with his therapist, who doesn't believe him.

Bucky, then goes out for a meal with an old man, who happens to be the father of the man he had killed in the flashback from earlier. Bucky, now free from his brain-washing, tries to make amends for his actions, wrestling with self-hatred for that time.

Family Matters

We then are transported to Louisiana, where Falcon's sister, Sarah Wilson is trying to sell a family boat with her brother. However, there's no fan fare for her from her loan agent. While Falcon flies around the world preserving safety everywhere, he certainly isn't getting paid to do so.

We then cut to Torres, who get jumped while trying to investigate The Flag Smashers. This led him to the knowledge of a new super-villain, someone dangerously powerful.

Sarah then turns on the TV to see an unfamiliar face being introduced as the "new" Captain America.

Tune in on Friday, March 26, 2021 to find out what happens next on The Falcon and Winter Soldier, exclusively on Disney+.


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