What happened to Steve Arnott’s back in Line of Duty?

STEVE Arnott has been one of the lead characters in Line Of Duty, since he joined AC-12 in the very first series.

But for a long time the anti-corruption copper has been suffering from intense back pain.

What happened to Steve Arnott’s back in Line of Duty?

Steve hurt his back in Line of Duty season 4 when the investigation revolved around bent copper DCI Roz Huntley (Thandie Newton) and the murder of forensics officer Tim Ifield (Jason Watkins).

Steve was on his way to question Huntley’s husband Nick Huntley (Lee Ingleby) about his wife’s whereabouts on the night of the killing when he was attacked.

Making his way to Nick’s office, the lift doors opened to reveal a balaclava-clad assailant who immediately jumped the detective.

First smashing his face with a baseball bat, the OCG member then threw the AC-12 officer down a flight of stairs, leaving him for dead.

Has Steve Arnott recovered from his back injury?

Steve has far from recovered and season 6 has seen him battle a serious addiction to pain killers, due to the agony is back causes him.

He was also involved in a police van accident, which saw him land painfully on his back again.

In the penultimate episode of the sixth series, Steve was facing disciplinary action over not complying with a routine drug test.

Who plays Steve Arnott?

Steve is played by Scottish actor Martin Compston.

He also starred as Dr Robert Traill in Victoria season 2

In 2018 he played Earl of Bothwell in the Oscar-nominated Mary Queen Of Scots alongside Margot Robbie.

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