What is Hugo Hammond's disability?

HUGO Hammond has become quite the heartthrob on Love Island 2021.

The handsome PE teacher was also part of England's national physical disability cricket team and has spoken about his condition…

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What is Hugo Hammond's disability?

Hugo has a condition called Club foot.

According to the NHS website, it happens because the Achilles tendon – at the back of the ankle – is too short.

It can affect just one foot or both and can cause pain or difficulty walking if it is not treated.

If the condition is caught when the born, the condition can be treated  by gently manipulating and stretching the tendon.

Hugo had lots of operations as a child to rectify the condition, but has had a successful sporting career despite this.

He is a cricket player, and has travelled the world as a member of England PD, the national physical disability team.

What has Hugo Hammond said about his disability?

Ahead of going into the villa, Hugo told PA Media: “If I can set a great example and show people that having a disability doesn’t mean you can’t be mainstream or it doesn’t mean that I don’t have a right to find love and things like that, then that would be great.

"I would love to be the torch bearer for that."

He continued to say how his disability "doesn’t define” him and explained: “[The other Islanders] probably will notice at some point, especially when I’m not walking in shoes, because I have got a slightly shorter Achilles tendon from the operation, so I walk slightly on my tiptoes.

“So people will notice and I will very happily educate them and tell them and inform them about everything I have been through and what other people go through.”

He added: “I’m very lucky that I had very supportive parents growing up and they kind of got all my operations done at an early age, so to be honest I don’t really remember it that much.

“I now just walk with a little bit of extra swagger is how I like to describe it, as I wobble about sometimes without my shoes on. It doesn’t define me."

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