What's a back door eviction on Big Brother and what happens to the housemates when they're booted off?

Here is everything you need to know about the quiet way out…

What is a back door eviction on Big Brother?

The dreaded "back door eviction" means a celebrity is voted off the show, but has to leave by a side door in the house – NOT out of the main door.

This will take place suddenly and with no warning.

Often it will be the result of the housemate losing a task or not receiving enough votes from the public.

Normally what happens is they will be told they are out and then told to immediately leave.

They get NO crowd outside and NO Emma Willis to greet them.

They will then do an exit interview with Emma at a later date.

Who has been shown the back door on Big Brother?

In the celebrity series in the past Jamie O'Hara and Jasmine Waltz both received this treatment.

In 2015 Cami-Li suffered a similar fate.

The last BB series in 2017 saw Simone, Kieran, Andrew and Hannah ALL being given the boot this way

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