What’s on TV: Friday, December 21

Gardening Australia Christmas Special

ABC, 7.30pm

There is something awfully nice about a proudly 100 per cent Australian Christmas special: not a reindeer or a faux snowflake in sight. Instead, hot weather gardening, alternative Christmas trees (Australian natives, of course), and humble homes that may need a makeover but won't be getting one any time soon. And it's all done in classic Gardening Australia style. There's a great mix of the practical and the wildly eccentric. A gentle pace. And a national focus with a little something for everyone. The cubby Millie is knocking up looks considerably more complex than your standard flat pack from Bunnings – but it also looks like a sturdier version of the cubbies I used to build myself as a kid. Up in Queensland Jerry has an insanely complicated series of tips about water storage and management. But elsewhere things are simpler: Sophie creating garden art, Josh making gardener-friendly Christmas gifts involving mud and toilet rolls; and Clarence taking a stroll around Norman Lindsay's garden (it's the 100th anniversary of The Magic Pudding). MH

Get ready for hot weather gardening and alternative Christmas trees.

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