What's the new Doctor Who theme tune, who wrote the original music and what does Segun Akinola's version sound like?

There will also be a brand new theme tune – here's everything we know so far…

Who wrote the original theme tune for Doctor Who?

The famous original song was composed by Ron Grainer and arranged by Delia Derbyshire of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, in 1963.

Over the years the tune has progressed from its radiophonic roots to full orchestral arrangements.

The theme tune has also been revamped many times since the show's 2005 reboot.

This is usually to accompany a change in behind-the-scenes management or the casting of a new Doctor – such as in Jodie's case.

What does the 2018 version of the Doctor Who theme tune sound like?

The new tune is being kept firmly under wraps.

It won't be heard until the first episode of series 11 is aired on Sunday October 7, 2018.

The new song has been composed by rising star Segun Akinola.

He is set to create a "fresh take on the legendary theme tune."

Who is Segun Akinola?

Segun replaces Murray Gold, who has been the series composer since the BBC rebooted Doctor Who in 2005.

He was part of the Bafta Breakthrough Brit programme in 2017 and is an alumni of the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire.

He has previously worked on programmes such as Black And British: A Forgotten History.

Segun's film scores include A Moving Image and Dear Mr Shakespeare.


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