When Calls The Heart star on ‘challenging’ Charles Kensington role

When Calls the Heart: Preview teases season 9 finale

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Following his TV return to the GREAT! Romance channel, Marcus Rosner looked back on his career and opened up about his time on When Calls The Heart. Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, the actor spoke on the difficulties he faced.

Although Marcus is a familiar face on screens when it comes to romcoms, this month, the actor made his comeback to screens on the GREAT! Romance channel.

While he is well recognised as the rejected heartthrob on When Calls The Heart, Marcus is also known for his role in the hit movie, A Vineyard Romance.

As well as being the source of infatuation, Marcus has expanded his career across TV and starred in thrillers.

This includes gripping shows such as Arrow, Supernatural and Ghost Unit.

With viewers eagerly anticipating the season 10 premiere of When Calls The Heart, Marcus reflected in his season two appearance.

In an interview with Express.co.uk, the actor shared: “It was one of my very first gigs and it was the first time I had done like a full season of something.

“I play this guy and he sort of comes in between the main character and the other main character and I break this love triangle.

“I’m sort of this hoity-toity polished guy that I knew the audience was going to hate, but I had the challenge of trying to just play him honestly and garner as much sympathy as you could.”

Marcus added: “It was challenging, and I was also very nervous when I was doing that show, as well. So I don’t know it was an eye-opener, I guess.”

Fans will recall, Marcus starred as Charles Kensington III, Elizabeth Thatcher’s (played by Erin Krakow) childhood friend.

Although Elizabeth only saw him as a longtime friend, Charles harboured romantic feelings for her.

During his business trip to Hamilton, he visited the Thatcher family home, where Viola Thatcher (Devon Weigel) encouraged him to tell Elizabeth how he truly felt.

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Viola also motivated Charles to convince Elizabeth to move back to Hamilton to spend the rest of their days there together.

After the pep talk, he travelled to Hope Valley and proposed to Elizabeth even though she was in a relationship with Jack Thornton (Daniel Lissing).

However, this didn’t go as planned as she was shocked and turned him down, as a result, a heartbroken Charles left and was never seen again in the series.

Although Marcus has yet to return to the romance drama, fans will be able to see him starring in other roles on the GREAT! Romance channel

This includes A Vineyard Romance, where he starred as the beloved Liam Hawthorne.

Marcus provided major insight into the show and confirmed: “GREAT! Romance is showing A Vineyard Romance…

“A movie I starred in with Rebecca Olson and which was written and directed by my great friend Lucie Guest and was shot in a great place in British Columbia, Canada a couple of years back now.

“It’s a very sweet movie about a wine-making family and we fall in love on a vineyard.

“That film is very special because it has really beautiful vistas and shots which make the film so nice.”

GREAT! Romance is available on Freeview 52, Freesat 303, Sky 319 and Virgin 424.

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